What Should You Know About Freeze Dry?

What is freeze dry? How does freeze dry work? If you have these questions, read the article below and you will have all your questions answered.

What is freeze dry?

We have to know something about drying before we take about freeze dry. Drying is one of the methods to keep materials from spoiling. There are many drying methods, such as sun drying, boiling, spray drying, and vacuum drying. However, these drying methods are all performed at temperatures above 0°C or higher. The product obtained by drying is generally reduced in size and hardened in texture. Some substances are oxidized, and most of some volatile components will be lost. Some heat-sensitive substances such as protein and vitamins will be denatured. Microorganisms will lose their biological vitality, and the dried substances will not easily dissolve in water. Therefore, the properties of the dried product are quite different from those before drying. how does freeze dry work

In order to keep the properties of fresh food as much as possible, people created freeze-dry method. What is freeze dry? Freeze-dry is to freeze a substance containing a large amount of moisture into a solid by cooling in advance, and then directly sublimate the solid water under vacuum conditions, and the substance itself remains in the ice shelf when it is frozen, so its volume does not change after drying. Solid water absorbs heat during sublimation, causing the temperature of the product itself to drop thus slowing down the sublimation rate. In order to increase the sublimation rate and shorten the drying time, the product must be properly heated. The whole drying is carried out at a lower temperature.

The above description is not only the answer to the question “ what is freeze dry”, but also the answer to “how does freeze dry work.” Meat, vegetables, fruits are our daily food, how to freeze dry such foods? Following is a brief description of the freeze-drying process of meat for you to better understand this tech.

How to freeze dry meat? Here are mainly six steps.

1. Prepare a freeze dryer for home use and fresh meat, clean the meat.
2. Cut the clean meat into 2cm pieces;
3. Clean the special food-grade tray of the benchtop lyophilizer, and place the cut pieces flat in the tray;
4. Put the tray into the freeze-drying chamber of the machine, close the door, switch on the machine, and set up the special freeze-drying process for meat (provided by the manufacturer);
5. Wait for the freeze-drying process to end, take it out, you can get freeze-dried meat;
6. Store it in a well-sealed jar, or vacuum the meat.

What is freeze dry? How does freeze dry work? And how to freeze dry meat? Hawachdryer gave the answers to the three questions that people may care a lot. And we will also share knowledge about freeze-drying and other drying methods in the later articles. Hope you enjoy the article.