What Is Spray Drying Used for?

What is spray drying used for? When talking about this question, most people may think of the use of spray drying machine in dairy products. Spray dryer, to some extent, is a milk drying machine. But actually, spray drying has other applications that you may not familiar with. For example, the pharmaceutical industry.uses of spray dryer

Use of spray dryer — in the pharmaceutical industry

Uses of spray dryer include the pharmaceutical industry, especially in China, where many Chinese patent medicines are extracted through this method. In traditional Chinese medicine, the effective ingredients in medicinal materials are generally extracted by decoction, which is not only long but also low in concentration. In the modern pharmaceutical industry, the super-fast tech like spray drying can obtain effective ingredients and ensure high concentration. This allows the original herbs to be made into tablets or capsules that are more convenient to take. Doctors can control the dosage more easily. Relying on this technology also allows traditional Chinese medicine to better enter the modern medical system, and plays the role of medicine in treating diseases and health care.

Next time when people ask what is spray drying used for? You can give a special and interesting answer — spray drying can be used to dry traditional Chinese medicine.freeze dryer lyophilizer

Uses of spray dryer — in the dairy industry

As have mentioned in the first paragraph, the most familiar industry for uses of spray drying is dairy products, and most of all milk powders are manufactured using such a milk powder machine. Why should spray drying be used in this field? Here are the answers.

Milk is rich in protein and other nutrients, but if the water is removed directly by heating, the continuous high temperature will also damage the nutrition. The rapid method of entering and spray drying can retain the original nutrients to a limit, and can also avoid the introduction of new pollutants in the long production process. Using this way, the quality of the milk is ensured and it can also reduce the manufacturer’s costs both in production and in quality control.

Uses of spray dryer — summary

Pharmaceutical drying machine, milk drying machine…, spray dryers really helps us a lot in daily life. As a very advanced drying process, spray drying can directly atomize liquid or powdered raw materials through high pressure, so that the surface area can be rapidly increased, and the hot air can be fully contacted, and the dehydration process can be completed in an instant, thereby obtaining semi-finished products with very low moisture content. There are broad uses of spray drying from all walks of life. Keep an eye on its uses and you will find how wonderful this high-tech machine is! If you are interested in other drying equipment, like a freeze dryer lyophilizer, you are also welcomed to ask for any information from us. We are a company with these high-tech machines that are both quality and fair-priced.