What Is Spray Drying Technology?

Spray drying technology — definition

What is spray drying technology? Spray drying is a technology with both granulation and drying processes. Through the continuous operation, the characteristics of the powder can be kept stable. Spray drying technology has a history of more than 100 years. In the beginning, it was limited to the production of a few products such as egg powder, milk powder, and detergent. With the continuous deepening of research, it has now been used in many industries. Spray drying technology can prepare spherical powders with uniform quality and good repeatability, shorten the preparation process of powders, and is also conducive to automation and continuous production. It is an effective method for the large-scale preparation of fine powders.spray drying technology 

Spray drying technology — types

After answering the question of “ what is spray drying technology”, let’s pay attention to other aspects of the spray drying technology. There are 3 types of commonly used spray dryer machine: pressure spray dryers, airflow spray dryers, and centrifugal spray dryers. Spray drying technology is a good method to obtain ultra-fine dry powder from the material liquid. The material liquid can be a solution, a suspension, and an emulsion, which can be transported by a pump.

Spray drying technology — working process

The specific process of the spray drying technology is: the hot air generated by the heater enters the tower from the top of the drying tower through the pipe, and at the same time, the material liquid sent by the sampling pump spray into extremely fine spherical droplets through the nozzle, And the droplets fall into the hot airflow at a certain flow rate for heat exchange. Due to the fine droplets and large specific surface area, the solvent evaporates quickly, and the drying and granulation process is completed in an instant. The dried finished material enters the cyclone separator through the cone discharge port under the tower body, and is separated from the drying medium and collected in the product receiver. The hot exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust port through the induced draft fan. Generally, spray drying technology includes 4 stages: a. atomization of the material liquid; b. contact and mixing of the mist group with the thermal drying medium; c. evaporation and drying of the droplets; d. separation of the dried product from the drying medium. The dried product can be powder, granular or granular agglomerates.

Spray drying technology — advantages

Compared with other powder preparation methods, spray drying technology has the following advantages:

A. Spray drying can complete granulation and drying in one step, simple production process, convenient operation, and control, suitable for continuous industrial production, and easy to realize automation.

B. The drying rate is high and the time is short, and it has little effect on heat-sensitive components, so it is especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

C. During spray drying, the material liquid is sprayed into an atomized dispersion under constant stirring, and the drying is completed instantly, so the uniformity is better.

D. In spray drying, because the solvent vaporizes quickly, the finished product is loose and fine particles. When in contact with the solvent, the solvent easily enters the inside of the particles, and good dispersion and solubility can be obtained without further processing.

E. Because spray drying is continuous closed production, the product purity is high, which eliminates the chance of exposure and contact with operators in the production environment, and reduces environmental pollution.

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