What Are The Types Of Spray Dryer?

What are the types of spray dryer? There are different classifications based on different standards. And the most popular classification standard is based on the atomization principle, which divides the spray drying machine into three types: centrifugal spray dryer, pressure spray dryer, and air-stream spraying drier.What Are The Types Of Spray Dryer

Types of spray dryer — centrifugal spray dryer

Under the condition that the problem of wall-sticking is well solved, such a spray dryer is good equipment that is suitable for the drying of some pharmaceuticals like Chinese medicine extracts. Some companies selling this equipment have improved the dryer, changing the process, reform the main structure, etc.

As one of the types of spray dryer,  the centrifugal spray dryer is a machine with a fast drying speed. In the hot air stream, 95%-98% of the water can evaporate instantly, and the drying time is only a few seconds, which is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials. In addition, the product after drying by the equipment has good uniformity, good fluidity, good solubility, high purity, etc.

Types of spray dryer — pressure spray dryer

The pressure spray dryer is a device that can perform drying and granulation at the same time. According to process requirements, the pressure, flow rate and orifice size of the liquid pump can be adjusted to obtain a certain proportion of the required spherical particles.

The pressure spray dryer has a fast drying speed, and the surface area of the liquid is greatly increased after atomization. The product obtained by the pressure spray dryer is spherical particles with uniform particle size.

Because of its ability of drying materials using hot or cold air, a pressure spray dryer is a widely-used machine suitable for materials with different characteristics. It is also featuring simple operation, stable, and convenient control.

Types of spray dryer —air-stream spraying drier

This air-stream spraying drier is especially suitable for solutions, emulsions, pastes, suspensions, and even viscous materials. It is called an instant dryer mainly because it can spray compressed air or water vapor from the nozzle at a speed of over 300m/s. The drying time of the air-stream spraying drier is only 10-30 seconds. And this short drying time results in uniform fine product particles. The spraying drier can also reach flexible control, which means the operating conditions can be adjusted within a certain range. The nozzle used has a simple structure with a low possibility of clogging.

Types of spray dryer — conclusion

Spray drying is an important technology in the laboratory, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Spray dryers have different classification methods based on different standards. The classification mentioned above is just one of them. According to the direction of airflow, the dryer machine can be classified as a parallel flow type, counter flow type, and mixed flow type. And the machine can also be divided into open type, partial circulation type, and closed type according to the system.

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