What Are the Spray Dryer Parts And Function?

According to different materials or different product requirements, the spray dryer machine may have some different designs, but the main basic units that constitute the spray drying system remain unchanged, and several of the main systems are indispensable.What Are The Spray Dryer Parts And Function (2) 

Then here comes the question: what are the spray dryer parts and function?

There are mainly five components that consist of such a system: spray dryer feeding system, heating system, atomization system, drying system, and gas-solid separation system. Following is a more detailed introduction to the five components of spray drying system and their individual function.

Spray dryer parts and function — feeding system

The feeding system transfers the material liquid to the atomizer smoothly to ensure its normal operation. According to the atomizer used and the nature of the material, the feeding method is also different. Commonly used feed pumps include screw pumps, metering pumps, diaphragm pumps, etc. For air-flow atomizers, compressed air must be supplied to meet the energy required for the atomization of the material. An air compressor must be equipped outside the material pump.

Spray dryer parts and function — heating system

The heating system is also one of the components of spray drying system. It provides sufficient heat for drying and uses air as the heating medium to transport it into the dryer. The selection of the heating system type is also related to many factors, the most important of which is still the nature of the material liquid and the needs of the product. The heating equipment mainly has two types: direct heat supply and indirect heat exchange. And the fan is also part of the heating system.

Spray dryer parts and function — atomizer system

The atomization system is the core of the entire spray drying system. The atomizer is the content that drying experts have studied most from theory to structure. At present, there are mainly three basic atomizer types commonly used: centrifugal type — the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the machine is the main atomization power; pressure type — the high pressure generated by the feed pump is the main atomization power, which is converted from pressure energy to kinetic energy; airflow type — the high-speed airflow kinetic energy is the main atomization power.

Spray dryer parts and function — drying system

The drying system is a combination of different types of dryers. The form of the dryer depends to a certain extent on the form of the atomizer, which is also the main content of the spray drying design.

Spray dryer parts and function — gas-solid separation system

After being dried, the droplets lose most of the water and then form a powder and granular product, some of which are separated from the gas at the bottom of the drying tower and discharged from the dryer, and others following the tail gas enter the gas-solid separation system for further separation. The gas-solid separation system mainly includes dry separation and wet separation.

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