What Are Freeze Dryers Used For And How Freeze Dryers Work?

What are freeze dryers used for and how freeze dryers work? People may wonder these questions when they are not familiar with the freeze dryer lyophilizer. They are a kind of drying machine used for removing water-containing materials. Such a drying machine first freezes the water inside the materials into a solid-state, and then sublimate the water from the solid state to a gaseous state, thereby removing the water and preserving the material.

To fully understand what are freeze dryers used for, we shall talk about their application. 

The application of freeze dryers can be included in the following 7 fields.

1. Food industrywhat are freeze dryers used forFor hikers, astronauts, military personnel, freeze-dried food is a must. Such food that will undergo the freeze-drying process includes daily food like noodles, soups, coffee, etc.

2. Dairy industry
The application of freeze dryers in the dairy industry sprung up during World War II. The lyophilization machine can both preserve solids and liquids of dairy products without the use of any chemicals. The volume and weight of the freeze-dried dairy products are decreased, thus greatly reducing the transportation pressure. Such products include milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

3. Nutraceuticals
Nutraceuticals are famous among aged people and the young generation who pay much attention to their health. The application of freeze dryers in case of nutraceuticals is to stabilize the product and ensure its long shelf life. Freeze-dried nutraceuticals are usually in the form of powder, which makes them easy to transport or preserve. Nutraceuticals which can lyophilize include tea, seaweeds, etc.

4. Pharmaceuticals
What are freeze dryers used for? When such a question is asked, you may recall one of their most-used fields — pharmaceuticals. Freeze dryers are widely used in drying pharmaceuticals, The powdered drugs in the vials are just these pharmaceuticals that have gone through the freeze-drying process. These drugs can be stored for a long time and can also be easily delivered.
The pharmaceuticals subject to freeze-drying tech include antibiotics, vaccines, etc.

5. Florist industry
People usually use freeze-drying tech to keep the original smell and shape of flowers, as well as prolonging their preserving life. The moisture contented in the flowers can be eliminated through vacuum freeze-drying and the flowers won’t be shrink after being freeze-dried. Daffodils, roses, etc. are suitable for using the tech.

lyophilization machine

6. Taxidermy
One less-known application of freeze dryers is the machines’ use in taxidermy. Animals possessing a large amount of water content need to be freeze-dried first to achieve optimal quality of taxidermy. These animals include but not limited to birds, cats, dogs, etc.

7. Pet Food
A lot of families have their fluffy friends, thus pet food is a must. Moisture-removing is necessary for the long shelf-life of the food. But this removal may have bad effects on the food’s nutrients and quality. Freeze dryers just change this situation. Pet food that has been freeze-dried is more delicious and healthier than food using other drying methods.

After detailed answering the first questio

n, let’s focus on the second: how freeze dryers work? When it comes to this question, we should not only discuss its fundamental (shared in the first paragraph), but also the working process. The working process is divided into three: freezing, sublimation drying, and desorption drying. Freezing is to transfer the water contented from liquid to solid; sublimation drying is to remove water in the state of ice crystals, while desorption drying is to remove absorbed water that is more difficult to remove.