Spray Drying In Pharmaceutical Industry

In recent years, as people’s awareness of health has increased, governments of various countries have attached importance to the pharmaceutical industry, and the pharmaceutical market is growing at a significant rate. Among them, spray drying technology has a pivotal position in the research and development of modern pharmaceuticals. This article is about spray drying in pharmaceutical industry. Its applications, currents status, and trends will be fully discussed.pharmaceutical-spray-drying

Spray drying in pharmaceutical industry — applications

1.Pharmaceutical preparations:
Spray drying machine is commonly used in pharmaceutical preparations. The earliest application of spray drying was used to develop skim milk in the early 20th century, and it has been widely used in medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection and other fields. It uses hot gas to rapidly evaporate water so that the drug in the form of liquid or slurry is quickly dried into dry powder. It is a common method for drying and granulating, preparing microcapsules and microspheres, etc.

2.Biological macromolecular drugs
Spray drying in pharmaceutical industry also applies to biological macromolecular drugs.
The nanospray drying technology developed in recent years, due to its unique piezoelectric spray mechanism, laminar heating method and electrostatic particle collection system, is particularly suitable for proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies and other biological macromolecular drugs. The range of product particles is 300 nm~5μm, which is more suitable for oral, intravenous and pulmonary inhalation drug delivery, and solves the problem of low bioavailability of various drugs. Now that the demand for dried pharmaceutical intermediates and final products is increasing, the pharmaceutical spray drying market is expected to grow at a significant rate.

Spray drying in pharmaceutical industry — current status

At the macro-level:
Out of the high demand for pharmaceutical products and the support of advanced technology, the global spray drying market in pharmaceutical industry is currently dominated by North America, followed by Europe and Asia. The industry insider believes that due to the improvement of health care facilities, increasing research and development, and the continuous introduction of government initiatives, Brazil, Russia, China, and India will become the fastest-growing countries in the market of spray drying in pharmaceutical industry.Customized Spray Drying Machine

At the micro-level:
Efficiency and product stability are always the key to the production of drugs, and the rapid development of spray drying in pharmaceutical industry has something to do with this. In addition, spray drying has other advantages, such as effectively improving the compressibility of drugs, and is suitable for heat-sensitive materials. However, the high cost and lack of quality awareness of pharmaceutical manufacturers have limited the development of more advanced spray drying tech.
Many new drugs currently on the market, including vaccines and biological agents, require for spray drying. Therefore, if the pharmaceutical companies do not want to “be the second” forever, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of new drugs.

Spray drying in pharmaceutical industry — trends

Some obvious trends in the application of spray drying in pharmaceutical industry have also made it promising: first, the application of “freeze spray drying” is more widespread; second, spray drying is used more and more in drug research and development. Spray drying in pharmaceutical industry has a bright future and only by the efforts both from countries (at the macro-level) and pharmaceutical manufacturers (at the micro-level) could this great tech be fully utilized.