Spray Dryer Troubleshooting

Spray Dryer Troubleshooting — Serious Wall Sticking

Why you could see sticky wet powder everywhere in the dry room sometimes? There are four reasons: (1) inlet amount is too large to fully evaporate; (2) the drying chamber is insufficiently heated before spraying starts; (3) when the spraying starts, the discharge flow rate is adjusted too large; (4) the feed liquid added is unstable.pilot scale spray dryerAccording to the different causes of the above problem, the following spray dryer troubleshooting can be taken in order: appropriately reduce the amount of feed; increase the inlet and outlet temperatures of the hot air; when starting the spray, the flow rate should be small and gradually increased to a certain degree; check the pipeline to see if it is clogged, and adjust the solid content of the material to ensure the fluidity of the material liquid.

Spray Dryer Troubleshooting — High Moisture Content Of The Product

Exhaust temperature is the main factor that affects the moisture content of the finished product. And too-low exhaust temperature will cause high moisture content. The temperature can be adjusted by the amount of feed. Therefore, the corresponding spray dryer troubleshooting is to appropriately reduce the amount of feed to increase the exhaust temperature.

Spray Dryer Troubleshooting — Low Purity

The possible reasons for this situation are as follows: (1) poor air filtration effect; (2) powder accumulating in the finished product; (3) raw material purity is not high; (4) halfway equipment cleaning. Spray dryer troubleshooting: check whether the filter material is laid evenly in the air filter and whether the filter is used for too long, make sure to replace the filter if it has been used for too long time; check the coke powder at the inlet of the hot air to avoid the vortex; the material liquid should be filtered before spray; Re-clean the equipment.

Spray Dryer Troubleshooting — Too-Fine Particles And Low Yield

If the product particles are too fine, it will affect their solubility and mixing performance. The reason is that the solid content is too low or the feed volume is too small. So the remedy is to increase the solid content and the feed volume, as well as the air temperature. Too much powder loss will greatly affect the yield of the finished product. Such loss is due to poor separation effect of the cyclone separator. Spray dryer troubleshooting for this situation is to check whether the cyclone is deformed due to knocking or collision; improve the air impermeability of the inlet and outlet of the separator, and check whether the inner wall and the discharge port are blocked by accumulated materials. Of course, the separation efficiency is also related to the specific gravity and the particle size of the powder. Some materials can be added with a second dust removal as needed.

Spray Dryer Troubleshooting — Noise Or Vibration Happens When The Centrifugal Nozzle Is Running
This situation happens on a pilot scale spray dryer which uses centrifugal nozzle. And it’s mainly due to improper cleaning and maintenance of the spray head which results in residual materials being attached to the spray disc or bent- and deformed- main shaft. Solution: Check if there is any residual material in the spray disc, if there is any, it should be cleaned in time; replace the main shaft if it is bent or deformed.