Spray Dryer Cleaning

Spray dryer cleaning is an important part of daily maintenance. However, if you do not understand its cleaning method, it is easy to cause damage to the machine. So what is the right procedure of spray dryer cleaning?

Spray Dryer Cleaning1

Spray dryer cleaning —cleaning the atomizer

1. After all the materials are exhausted, immediately put the feed tube head into the cleaning bucket, use water spray to clean the atomizer, adjust the peristaltic pump speed to about 15.
2. After 5 minutes, observe the feeding pipeline to see whether it is cleaned by tap water and then run for 2-3 minutes until the atomizer is cleaned.
3. Turn off the peristaltic pump and open the clamp on the pump to allow the water inside to flow back into the bucket.
4. Wait 3-5 minutes. After the atomizer sprays the remaining water, turn off the atomizer.
5. When there is no fog, turn off the electric heating and the vibrator, waiting for natural cooling.

There usually remain material powders inside the chamber. In order to save materials, this step of spray dryer cleaning is mainly focused on the recycling of the powder remained.

Spray dryer cleaning —removing the powder left

1. When the inlet air temperature is below 150℃, open the chamber door, aim the air blow gun at the place where there is material accumulation, pay attention to each dead angle.
2. Blow on the bottom pipe elbow to make the material be recycled by the cyclone separator.
3. After cleaning out the powder, turn off the door and blow for 1 minute, then turn off the induced draft fan and dehumidifier.
4. Turn off the butterfly valve at the discharge port, remove the collector, and pour the powder into the bag to prevent moisture.

When all the powder is recycled, the spray drying cleaning continues and then is the cleaning of the spray tower.

Spray dryer cleaning — cleaning spray tower

1. Loosen the quick-set clamp on the right side of the collector, and remove the clamp at the bottom of the spray tower, then the material tube can be rotated aside, and put a large basin at the bottom of the spray tower to receive water.
2. Turn on the atomizer and peristaltic pump, feed the hose into the cleaning bucket to absorb water, press the Start button to start peristaltic water absorption.
3. After the spray starts, quickly adjust the speed to 100. Clean the atomizer and internal bulkhead for 3-5 minutes using the maximum-speed spraying water.
4. Spray dryer cleaning should be based on the operation procedure of the spray drying machine. First turn off the peristaltic pump to drain the water in the material pipe, turn off the atomizer after 2 minutes, then press the emergency stop button to turn off and turn off the air relay switch in the control cabinet.
5. Open the door and connect a water pipe to rinse the unclean areas of the internal bulkhead.

Customized Spray Drying Machine

Be careful not to flush the water into the hole on the side of the top atomizer (to prevent water from pouring back into the heater) and rinse the inner wall thoroughly.

The main part has been finished, and then the spray dryer cleaning comes to the last step.

Spray dryer cleaning —clean surrounding accessories

1. Remove the two material tubes connected to the cyclone separator. Clean the tubes, the butterfly valve at the discharge port, the collector, the clamp, and the silicone gasket, and drain the water.
2. When cleaning the cyclone separator, first remove the peripheral connection accessories, and then be sure to close the outlet butterfly valve of the dehumidifier (to prevent water from being poured into the dehumidifier), flush the water at the inlet of the separator, and receive water using the prepared basin at the outlet to avoid water splashing into the dehumidifier and burning the motor.
3. Repeat the washing several times at multiple angles until the outgoing wastewater is colorless and clarified.
4. Drain the water from all parts and reinstall.