Something You Should Know About Freeze Dried Pet Food

For families with pets, the diet of fur babies should be the most concerned issue of parents. In the face of the dazzling food for pets on the market, most parents are always caught off guard and do not know how to choose. Today, I will introduce one type of pet food that is currently particularly popular on the market — freeze dried pet food, to see if it is really so magical.freeze dried pet food

Freeze dried pet food — how to make it?

Pure natural livestock and poultry liver, fish, shrimp, fruits, and vegetables are generally used as raw materials of freeze dried pet food, without any preservatives or pigments. The production of such food undergoes a vacuum freeze-drying process to completely kill microbial bacteria that may exist in the raw materials.

Freeze dried pet food — why should we choose it?

1.High nutrition

The vacuum freeze-drying process is a process under extremely low temperatures and high vacuum conditions. These conditions basically provide food materials with an oxygen-free and light-free environment. For freeze-dried food for pets, the heat denaturation is small, and the color, flavor, taste, shape of fresh food materials are effectively maintained, as well as various vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients in food ingredients.

2.Super palatability

During the freeze-drying process, the moisture in the ingredients will be precipitated in situ, which avoids the loss of nutrients and the surface hardening caused by the flowing of the internal moisture of the ingredients to the surface in general drying methods. After dehydration of fresh vegetables and fruits, the flavor and sugar are concentrated, and it tastes sweeter and more delicious than before. The taste of fresh meat after dehydration is also more delicious. All of these indicate that freeze dried pet food has super palatability.

3.Good water reabsorbing capacity

food for pets

In the production of the food for pets, solid ice crystals sublimate into water vapor and leave gaps in the food ingredients, so the vacuum freeze dried pet food has a dry sponge-like porous structure and therefore has ideal instant solubility and good water reabsorbing capacity. As long as the moderate amount of water is added to the food, it can be restored in a few seconds to a few minutes.

4.Super long shelf life

Freeze dried pet food is completely dehydrated and light in weight, so it is very convenient to use or carry, and most of the such food for pets is vacuum-packed or nitrogen-filled, protected from light. The shelf life of this sealed package at normal temperature can be as long as 3 to 5 years, or even longer.

Compared with traditional meat pet food, especially raw food, freeze dried pet food does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, which eliminates the step for defrosting.

With the gradual improvement of the technical level, there will be more and more new foods appearing in markets in the future, which requires pet owners to learn more relevant knowledge in order to select the suitable ones for their fur babies. If your business requires for industrial scale freeze dryer to make food for pets, inquire from Hawach and we will give you the most competitive price.