Safety Issues Of A Spray Dryer

In order to use the lab spray dryer safely and correctly, Hawach summarized the relevant safety issues that must be abode by or paid attention to. The followings are the safety issues of a spray dryer.

Safety issues of a spray dryer — warningsSafety Issues Of A Spray Dryer 1 

(1) During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to open the algae powder collection port and observation hole at the bottom of the spray dryer. It is strictly forbidden to remove the safety cover of the machine during operation or to operate with the safety cover removed.

(2) Don’t touch the spray dryer when it is unnecessary since there are high-temperature devices and high-speed rotating devices inside.

(3) During the maintenance and repair of the spray drying machine in the stopped state, the algae powder collection port must be opened for ventilation, and the power must be cut off.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to leave any foreign objects such as maintenance tools and oil drums in the machine.

Safety issues of a spray dryer — cautions

(1) Read the instruction manual before you operate the machine. Perform production operations, maintenance, and repair in accordance with the specifications.

(2) When carrying out maintenance and repairs, a supervisor should be set up or a warning sign of “Maintenance” should be placed on the spot to prevent accidents.

(3) When it is necessary to perform maintenance inside the equipment, the power of all equipment should be cut off, and all observation holes should be opened. The machine can be entered after confirming that it is room temperature inside. In addition, protective glasses and protective masks must be worn to ensure safety.

(4) Specified parts can only be used.

(5) The operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately when an abnormal situation occurs.

(6) Clean the circuit and the testing instrument with a dry towel and ensure that the switch is off.

Safety issues of a spray dryer — abnormal handling

lab spray dryer

(1) The spray dryer is suddenly powered off during operation.
Turn off the main power, and turn on the power when the power supply is normal. Replace the algae liquid with clean water, and restart the machine. After everything is normal, change the clean water to algae liquid.

(2) The feed pipe is blocked.
Use slender and soft objects to dig out the blockage to ensure a smooth supply of algae liquid. If it is the magnetic separator that is blocked, the valve of the feed pipe should be closed, and the part should be removed and cleaned before reinstalling.

(3) Each monitoring instrument deviates from the normal value.
Shut down the machine immediately and turn off the main power supply. Ask the relevant maintenance personnel to solve it.

The detailed safety issues of a spray dryer listed above can ensure the operator’s safety and the machine’s normal performance. Safety issues of a spray dryer are of great importance, Hawach wishes every operator could abide by these guides and obtain their target materials from Hawach’s machine.