Powder Dryer Machine

Spray dryer is a continuous powder dryer machine that is most used under normal pressure. During the drying process, the liquid sample is sprayed by the atomizer and dried after its contact with hot air. This powder dryer machine can be categorized into two groups: airstream small spray dryer(1-3L) and centrifugal spray dryer(3-200L). The former uses two fluid atomizers for drying and is widely used in small experiments, and the later is an industrial spray dryer that uses centrifugal atomizer.

Hawach’s spray dryer for sale has full types and we can also customize those over 200L/h. For heat-sensitive products, we have the vacuum spray dryer (airstream type) which allows 50-200℃ operation temperature. Another airstream powder dryer machine is for inflammable and explosive organic solvents. In order to find the right powder dryer machine for you, we need to know the following:
1. For experimental or industrial production? (airstream or centrifugal spray dryer)
2. What is the dried material? What is the highest temperature the material can withstand? What is the viscosity? What is the solid content? (If it is organic solvent and heat-sensitive, special equipment is needed)
3. What is the processing capacity (or target output)?
4. What kind of housing and drying chamber if you need airstream powder dryer machine?
5. What is the heating method, electric heating, natural gas heating, or gasoline/kerosene heating?
6. What are the requirements for inlet and outlet air temperature?
7. Are there any requirements for exhaust emission?
8. Is the processed material a heavy value for light molecules? Do you need double separation to increase the collection rate?

Freeze Dry Machine

There are two types of vacuum freeze dryer at Hawach, one is a desktop freeze dryer and the other is in-situ freeze dryer. To use a desktop dryer, you need to first freeze the material in the cold trap and then take it out and put it into the vacuum drying room. And the in-situ freeze dry machine, just as the name indicates, is more convenient since you just need to place the material in the machine, and it will automatically freeze and dry without taking materials from one chamber to another.

Hawach’s two types of freeze dry machine have different use occasions. Desktop one is mostly used in the laboratory, a lab freeze dryer. It is relatively smaller and cheaper than the in-situ dryer. And in-situ freeze dry machine is mostly used in industry, and sometimes in the commercial market and pilot-scale testing.

Freeze dry machine is suitable for heat-sensitive materials, and its application involves food, herbs, cosmetics, chemistry, biology, etc. The machine’s working principle makes the dried materials remain the same in appearance and properties.

From cold trap temperature, Hawach has six types of freeze dry machine for you to choose from -50. -55, -56, -60, -75, -80 degrees centigrade. You can also choose desktop or in-situ for different occasions. Furthermore, a freeze dry machine with or without heating function, using electric or silicone oil for heating, and different drying room (Hawach has five here) is also available at our company.

Food Lyophilizer

Hawach also offers food freeze dryer for sale. The processing machine can be roughly classified as food freeze dryer for home use and industrial food freeze dryer. Food lyophilizer is one type of freeze dryer, but it required higher on the materials compared to normal types. For example, the cold trap and the chamber should be made of food-grade materials. Hawach has four kinds of food lyophilizer according to their separate lowest temperature: -40°C, -45°C, -75°C, and -65°C. The first three are for home use and the last is for industry use.

Advantages of using food lyophilizer

1. Food drying is carried out at a low temperature and in a high vacuum state. Therefore, it is very suitable for the drying of food ingredients with high heat sensitivity and easy oxidation, and can effectively maintain the color, aroma, taste, and nutritional ingredients. For example, the vitamins in spinach are only 7% left after sun drying and up to 94% after lyophilization.
2. Food lyophilizer can keep the product’s original solid skeleton structure and leaves it with high efficiency of instant dissolution and rehydration. The rehydration rate is as high as 90%.
3. Freeze-dried foods are packed in a vacuum or nitrogen-filled manner, and stored in a dark place. Therefore, the shelf life is long.