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-75°C In-Situ Freeze Dried Food Machine, Electronic Heating; LCD Display

Freeze area (㎡): 0.1, 0.4, 0.6
Lowest temp.(°C): -75
Max vacuum degree (Pa): 10
Freeze-drying capacity (kg/batch): 1, 4, 6


Hawach’s -75°C in-situ freeze dried food machine and -45°C home freeze drying machine are both upgraded from -40°C type. The -75°C lyophilizer has three series while the -40°C has four, and the -45°C has only one. Besides this -75°C freeze dryer with electronic heating, Hawach also has another -75°C lyophilization machine of which the heating mode is silicone oil.

Advantages of Hawach’s -75°C in-situ freeze dried food machine:

1. Food freeze dryer for home use, freeze-dried food using which only needs to add water to restore. For instance, freeze-dried strawberries will become soft again when adding a little water or putting it into the mouth.
2. Most dried food can be ready to eat within 5 minutes, and this greatly saves cooking time, especially suitable for backpacking and camping.
3. Home freeze dryer for sale, able to lighten the weight of food ready for hiking.
4. Food freeze dryer for home use keeps valuable vitamins and minerals that make your dried food as fresh and healthy as the original.
5. Home freeze dryer for sale, food dried by which has a long shelf time up to several years if stored properly.
6. Max. 6kg/batch freeze-drying capacity can remove up to 98% moisture from food. Since living organisms need moisture to survive, moisture-lowering will kill most of the organisms and ensures a long shelf life.

Components of Hawach’s -75°C in-situ freeze dried food machine:

1. The transparent view window allows for clear observation of the whole drying process.
2. Powerful SECOP compressor, with low operation noise and great performance.
3. Color LCD touch screen with a PLC control system, which is easy to operate.
4. Detachable tray rack and removable rubber gasket, easy to clean.
5. The vacuum pump is seamlessly connected with the dryer, easy to assemble, and disassemble.
6. 304 stainless-steel chamber and shelf.
7. Defrost switch provides better protection for the home freeze dryer for sale.
8. Lockable casters make moving and stopping simple.
9. Optional: air inflation valve and oil-free vacuum pump.

Packaging of Hawach’s -75°C in-situ freeze dried food machine:

1. A multi-layer wooden box, no fumigation is required.
2. Packaging box made of high-temperature-compressed wooden plates, resistant to pressure, and provides effective protection to the food freeze dryer for home use.Packaging of Hawach’s -75°C in-situ freeze dried food machine

Parameters of Hawach’s -75°C in-situ freeze dried food machine:

Model #ILFD-75EH-10AILFD-75EH-40AILFD-75EH-60A
Freeze Area0.1㎡0.4㎡0.6㎡
Lowest Temp.-75℃
Max. vacuum degree10Pa
Capacity (kg/batch)146
Extraction rate (L/S)244
space between partitions454580
Partition size145*275mm195*445mm345*425mm
Partition quantity3 layers4 layers4 layers
Product Size (W*D*H mm)550*750*830660*1000*1050770*1050*1200
Pack Size (W*D*H mm)830*650*860780*1200*11401050*850*1330
Net/Gross Weight (kg)90/140162/193220/250
Freeze drying programme/5 programme
Partition temp. controlN
One button defrostingY
OthersVacuum control, secure locking

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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