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-65°C In-Situ Industrial Food Freeze Dryer, Electronic Heating; LCD Display

1. Manual or auto operation is both available.
2. The freeze dry fruit machine can be designed for your plant layout.
3. Able to customize freeze dryer with given technical parameters.
4. Piston compressors or screw compressors can be selected according to user requirements.
5. Vacuum pump or vacuum pump unit with several brands to choose from.
6. Detachable vacuum pump and balance barrel, of which the height can be adjusted for easy transportation.


Hawach’s -65°C In-Situ Industrial Food Freeze Dryer is for mass food production, with freeze-drying area from 5 ㎡to 300 ㎡ or bigger.

Features of Hawach’s -65°C In-Situ Industrial Food Freeze Dryer

1. Vegetable freeze dryer, with the lowest temperature reaching -65℃, perfect for mass food production.
2. Freeze dry fruit machine, of which the heating system is a combination of electronic heating and conducting oil heating, which ensures evenness of temperature in the whole freeze-drying process.
3. Stainless steel freeze dry fruit machine ensures good anti-corrosion property.
4. Failsafe system, providing protection to the vacuum unit, temperature unit, compressor, and other units of the freeze dryer.
5. Vegetable freeze dryer, with minor-polished cold trap and GMP required chamber and shelf.
6. Freeze dry fruit machine, of which the observation window is equipped with a lighting device, easy to observe the situation inside the chamber.
7. The components of the refrigeration system are all configured according to high-standard brands, with strong refrigeration capacity, fast cooling speed, and stable and reliable performance;
8. Multiple groups can be set in the process; the formula can be modified at any time, and any step can be skipped by manual operation.

Working principle of Hawach’s -65°C In-Situ Industrial Food Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying is an advanced method of drying and preservation of food. Its working principle is to freeze water-containing food at low temperature, and then directly sublimate the water in the vacuum state, so as to achieve the purpose of food dehydration and drying.

Applications of Hawach’s -65°C In-Situ Industrial Food Freeze Dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in the field of food (such as fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, condiments, instant foods, and famous specialty products) and nutrition and health care (royal jelly, ginseng, turtle, turtle, bird’s nest and other nutrition and health products). The freeze dried food machine can maintain the original color, taste, shape, and freshness of food. Good rehydration ensures easy storing and transportation of the finished product. And a usually 3-5 years of shelf life is guaranteed.

Parameters of Hawach’s -65°C In-Situ Industrial Food Freeze Dryer

Model #UnitBFFD-65EH-5BFFD-65EH-10BFFD-65EH-20BFFD-65EH-30BFFD-65EH-50BFFD-65EH-100BFFD-65EH-150BFFD-65EH-200BFFD-65EH-300
Effective area510.52030.150.3198.68148197.4296
Shelf Size(L*W*H)mm1000*1000*201500*1000*202000*1000*152140*541*183100*541*186080*541*189120*541*1812160*541*189120*541*18
Shelf QuantityPCS5+17+110+1(13+1)*2(15+1)*2(15+1)*2*2
Shelf Distancemm657077
Tray Sizemm495*495*30620*540*35
Tray QuantityPCS20428060120240360480720
Trolley QuantityPCS///1246812
Capacity of CatcherKG1002004006008001500200030004500
Shelf Temp.-45~+80
Catcher Temp.≤-65
Ultimate VacuumPa≤2.7
Dicing Waterkg/batch40010002000300040008000120001500020000
Cooling Water Flowm3/h20.729.340.652.555.3110.7137.3206.0137.3*2
Cooling Water Pipe DiameterDN80100.0125200
Pneumatic ValveTOFFON
Pneumatic AssemblyAIRTAC
Electronic heating powerKW9162412*316*324*448*332*648*6
Compressed air consumptionL/min6080120160
Installed PowerKW406390125150290380570750
Dimension (Cylinder) L*W*HM4.5*1.8*2.55.5*1.8*2.55.1*1.9*1.84*2.4*2.96.4*3.1*2.910*2.5*2.916*2.5*2.920*2.5*2.932*2.5*2.9
Dimension  (Crew) L*W*HM7*2.1*3.68*2.1*3.67.6*2.1*3.66.8*2.4*3.69*2.5*3.616*2.5*3.622*2.5*3.629*2.5*3.644*2.5*3.6
Electric control systemORMON PLC+ Computer engineering IPC(with wifi remote control)
Vacuum GaugeEDWARRDS
Electrical ComponentsSchneider

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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