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-56°C Benchtop Mini Freeze Dryer, LCD Display

-56°C benchtop mini freeze dryer consists of four parts, vacuum system, heating/cooling system, refrigeration system and electrical instrument control system. Each part plays its role in the freeze drying process, and is of equal importance for the operation of the machine.


-56°C benchtop mini freeze dryer indicates that the condensation temperature is below -56 degrees centigrade. This is a lab scale freeze dryer, due to its fair price and compact design, and is mostly used in lab tests. The mentioned above systems make up the -56°C small freeze dry machine, and more detailed components should be a vacuum pump, heating/cooling device, refrigeration unit, control panel, condenser, and drying room.

Features of Hawach’s -56°C benchtop mini freeze dryer

small freeze dry machine (2)1. Imported Secop compressor, with fast cooling and low temperature, greatly shorten the experiment time.
2. 7-inch true color touch screen control, easy-to-operate small freeze dry machine.
3. Switchable Chinese and English interface, and can display working time, condensation temperature, sample temperature, vacuum degree in digital and curve form, freeze-drying curve recordable.
4. Lyophilized data automatically saved for up to one month, high-tech lab scale freeze dryer.
5. USB interface enables you to view the freeze-drying curve by connecting the benchtop mini freeze dryer directly to the computer.
6. Desktop compact design and small-footprint vacuum freeze drying machine.
7. Beautiful appearance and ergonomic design.
8. Stainless steel cold trap equipped anti-corrosion lab scale freeze dryer.
9. Accelerating drying process thanks for the upgraded diversion tube.
10. Well-sealed and transparent drying room for you to observe the drying process.
11. International standard vacuum KF interface can be connected with various vacuum pumps;
12. 18 series and 12 series available. 18 series small freeze dry machine: cold trap: 20-24cm, material tray: 4-6 layers, water-capturing ability: 6kg/24h; 12 series:18-20cm, 3-4 layers, and 3-4kg/24h.
13. Defrost function to keep the small freeze dry machine clean and durable.
14. Optional: heating baffles, other vacuum pumps, inflation valves, eutectic point testing
15. The benchtop mini freeze dryer can be upgraded to -80°C laboratory lyophilizer with dual condensers.

Applications of Hawach’s -56°C benchtop mini freeze dryer

1. Freeze drying is carried out at low temperatures, so the benchtop mini freeze dryer is particularly suitable for many heat-sensitive substances such as proteins and microorganisms, widely used in medicine.
2. When drying at low temperatures, some volatile components in the substance lose little, which is suitable for drying some chemical products, medicines, and foods.
3. Since the drying is carried out under a vacuum, there is very little oxygen, so some easily oxidized substances are protected.

Technical parameters for LFD-56-12 Series

SpecificationStandard8-bottledTop-press8-bottled & Top-press
Freeze-drying area0.120.08
Cold trap Temperature°C< -56 (no-loading);option < -80 (no-loading)
Vacuum degreePa≤ 5 (no-loading)
Water-capture capabilitykg/24h3-4
Tray dimension &quantitycmφ20*4 layerφ18*3 layer
Tray Spacingcm7
Total Powerw950
Dimension (-56°C )mm63×45×(37+43) drying room
Bulk capacity (thickness 1cm)L1.
Vial loading numberpcsФ12mm*920

Technical parameters for LFD-56-18 Series

SpecificationStandard8-bottledTop-press8-bottled & Top-press
Freeze-drying area0.18/0.270.09
Cold trap Temperature°C< -56 (no-loading);option < -80 (no-loading)
Vacuum degreePa≤ 5 (no-loading)
Water-capture capabilitykg/24h6
Tray dimensioncmφ24*4/6 layerφ20*3 layer
Tray Spacingcm7
Total Powerw2100
Dimension (-56°C)cm63×58×(97+46) drying room
Bulk capacity (thickness 10mm)L1.8/2.72/311.2
Vial loading numberpcsФ12mm*1320

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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