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-55°C In-Situ Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer, Electronic Heating; LCD Display

Used in pharmaceutical and biological products, chemical and food industries. For heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones and biological tissues, freeze-drying technology is very suitable.


Hawach’s -55°C in-situ freeze dryer lyophilizer is also an industrial and commercial freeze dryer with electronic heating and LCD display. With the function of pre-freezing, the lyophilizer can complete the whole process from pre-freezing to drying without transferring the materials.freeze dryer lyophilizer

Features of Hawach’s -55°C in-situ freeze dryer lyophilizer

1. Freeze dry machine for sale, of which the material shelf is equipped with cooling and heating function.
2. Pre-freezing and drying of the materials are completed directly in the drying room to achieve in-situ freeze-drying and provide conditions for automated production.
3. Industrial freeze drying machine with a transparent acrylic observation window to detect the freeze-drying situation;
4. Imported compressor, large cooling capacity, low temperature, and low noise.
5. 7-inch true color touch screen control to display all freeze-drying data.
6. The industrial embedded operating system, fast response, and large memory freeze dry machine for sale.
7. Lyophilized data automatically saved for at most one month.
8. USB interface to connect the commercial freeze dryer directly to the computer to view the freeze-drying curve.
9. Inflation valve able to be filled with dry nitrogen or inert gas.
10. Vacuum KF interface meets international standard, available for various vacuum pumps.
11. Industrial freeze drying machine, able to memorize freeze-drying curve and 36 user programs, each program can control up to 40 temperature control sections.
12. Commercial freeze dryer with defrosts function to keep it clean and make it durable.
13. Optional: temperature-control shelf, vacuum adjustment, eutectic point testing, -80°C with dual condensers, T-type and bottle-hanging type freeze dry machine for sale.

Hawach’s -55°C in-situ freeze dryer lyophilizer can achieve -60 to -55 degrees centigrade. Its tray in the freeze-drying chamber has a refrigeration function. After the materials are placed in the chamber, no manual operation is required for the pre-freezing and drying process of the materials. The manufacturing process of this type of lyophilizer is complicated and the cost is high, but in-situ large scale freeze dryer is the development direction of the lyophilizer and is an ideal choice for the exploration of the freeze-drying process, especially suitable for medicine, biological products, and other special products.

Parameters of Hawach’s -55°C in-situ freeze dryer lyophilizer

Freeze Area(m2)
Lowest Temp.(°C)-60 to -55
Vacuum (Pa)</=-5
Water Capture (kg/24h)4610
Partition Temp. (°C)-50 to +70
Volume(L, 1cm)2146
Tray size&Qty (cm)40*27*2 layer40*27*1 layer30*34*4 layer30*34*6 layer
Tray Spacing(cm)75
Bottle #(pcs)Ф12mm*1400

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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