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-50°C Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine, Digital Display

Cold trap temp.: <-50°C
Vacuum degree: <20Pa
Water capture capability: 3kg/24h
Tray spacing: 7cm
Dimensions (without drying room): 38*60*34.5cm; drying room: 26*26*42cm


Hawach’s -50°C vacuum freeze drying machine has its drying room and cold trap separated. This bell-type freeze dryer needs manual operation when the material is pre-frozen and transferred to the drying process. Most experimental freeze-drying machines are bell-shaped, with simple structure and low cost. Thus dryers of this type have another name: lab freeze dryer.

lab freeze dryer

Features of -50°C vacuum freeze drying machine

1. Small in size and occupies little space, benchtop lyophilizer, can be used as a lab freeze dryer.
2. Food freeze dryer machine with unparalleled advantages of other dryers, widely used in the food industry.
3. Benchtop lyophilizer with beautiful appearance and easy operation.
4. High-quality hermetic compressor, efficient and reliable, low noise produced.
5. No exposed coil condenser in stainless steel cold trap, large opening, samples can be pre-freezed, smooth, and anti-corrosion lab freeze dryer.
6. Patented diversion tube to speed up the drying process.
7. Imported inflation valve, can be filled with dry nitrogen or inert gas.
8. Transparent bell-type drying room.
9. The international standard vacuum interface can be connected with various vacuum pumps.
10. Temperature in the cold trap and vacuum degree in drying room digitally displayed.
11. Sample temperature displays optional.
12. -50°C vacuum freeze drying machine can be upgraded to -80°C mini freeze dryer machine.

Classification of -50°C vacuum freeze drying machine

1. Tray type: food freeze dryer machine, materials being put in the tray, suitable for freeze-drying of food, Chinese herbal medicine, powder materials.
2. Gland type: suitable for the drying of cillin-bottled materials. When preparing for lyophilization, pack the materials in cillin bottles as required. After drying, operate the device to compress the bottle caps to avoid secondary pollution and re-absorb moisture.
3. Hanging bottle type: the bottle is attached outside the drying chamber to dry the material. The multi-manifold switch device can be used to remove or install the bottle at any time as required, without shutting down.
4. Gland hanging bottle type: bottle being attached outside the drying room, and cap being tightened after drying via operation.
5. T-type: Connect the bottle outside to the drying room to dry the material that is frozen on the inner wall of the bottle. The bottle is at the same time connected to the manifold as a container. The material in the bottle is heated at room temperature. Through the multi-manifold switch device, the bottle can be removed or installed at any time without power off.

Parameters of -50°C vacuum freeze drying machine

TypeOrdinaryTop-pressOrdinary Hang
Top-press Hang
T-shelf multiple
Condensation temperature<-50°C
Vacuum Degree<20Pa
Drying Area (㎡)——-
Material Volume ( L)——-
Water-capture capability3kg/24h
Tray size & quantity(pcs)Φ20cm×4Φ20cm×3Φ20cm×4Φ20cm×3——-
Tray Spacing7cm
Power Supply220V/50Hz/850W
Size (cm)38*60*(34.5+26); drying room dimension 26*26*42cm

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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