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-40°C In-Situ Freeze Dryer For Home Use, Electronic Heating; LCD Display

Freeze area (㎡): 0.1, 0.4, 0.6
Lowest temp. (°C): -40
Max vacuum degree (Pa): 10
Water-capturing capacity (kg/batch): 1, 4, 6, 8


Hawach’s -40°C in-situ freeze dryer for home use has two upgraded versions: one is -45°C type, and the other is -75°C type. These three freeze dryers, as well as the -65°C industrial food freeze dryer, are all applicable for food and pharmaceuticals.

Features of Hawach’s -40°C in-situ freeze dryer for home use

1. Water-capturing capacity varies to meet different needs: 1kg/batch, 4kg/batch, 6kg/batch and 8kg/batch.
2. Small home freeze dryer, simple to operate, equipped with heating function to accelerate the freeze-drying process.
3. 18 program sections can be preset on the freeze dried fruit machine, and the freeze-drying curves can be displayed on the LCD touch screen.
4. Small freeze dryer for sale, of which the temperature and process are controllable, realizing multi-staged temperature control and speech hint function.
5. PLC-based control, easy-to-use automation solution.
6. Freezing and drying take place in the same chamber, with no need to take the materials out or in to different chambers to fulfill the freeze or drying process.
7. Small home freeze dryer, polished stainless-steel tray and chamber, anti-corrosion, and easy to clean.
8. Freeze dried fruit machine, transparent viewing window allows for clear observation of the working status.
9. One button defrosting to clean the machine and ensure its durability.
10. -75°C food freeze dryer available for materials with low crystallization point.
11. Optional: air inflation valve and oil-free vacuum pump.

Quality control of Hawach’s -40°C in-situ freeze dryer for home use

After each part of the -40°C in-situ freeze dryer for home use is produced, it will be visually inspected and tested, and it will enter the assembly stage after reaching the standard.
Standard 1: the drying room is transparent and smooth without scratches and damages;
Standard 2: the materials tray is clean and tidy without residues, and the tray surface is smooth and flat;
Standard 3: the door seals well to prevent the pollution of the materials.
Standard 4: the overall surface of the small freeze dryer for sale is flat and smooth without any scratches.

After the product is assembled, the whole product will be tested for operation:
1. Cooling rate: the temperature of the small home freeze dryer drops one degree per minute after reaching the set temperature;
2. Vacuum degree: can reach the theoretical degree of vacuum;
3. Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C error

Parameters of Hawach’s -40°C in-situ freeze dryer for home use

Model #ILFD-40EH-10AILFD-40EH-40AILFD-40EH-60AILFD-40EH-60A1
Freeze Area0.1㎡0.4㎡0.6㎡
Lowest Temp.-40℃
Max. vacuum degree10Pa
Capacity (kg/batch)1468
Extraction rate (L/S)2444
Space between partitions45mm45mm58mm35mm
Partition size145*275mm195*445mm345*425mm295*400mm
Partition quantity3 layers4 layers4 layers5 layers+1 temp. Ctrl
Product Size (W*D*H)550*750*830mm600*800*870mm770*810*1200mm700*850*1500mm
Pack Size (W*D*H)650*830*860mm700*960*1010mm850*1050*1330mm850*1050*1650mm+
Net/Gross Weight (kg)50/9580/135120/180280
Freeze drying programme/5 programme32 programme
Partition temp. controlNY
One button defrostingY
OthersVacuum control, secure lockingTroubleshooting, secure locking

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew it in the 2015 year by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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