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Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Introduction of Hawach’s vacuum freeze dryer

Freeze dryer is a machine used in vacuum state for freeze-drying subject materials. It is also called lyophilizer, or vacuum freeze dryer. Hawach has full types of vacuum freeze dryer that are suitable for any occasion: small, pilot-scale experiments, large scale production, and commercial use, etc. And these dryers can be categorized into two groups: one is desktop freeze dryer, with -50°C benchtop lyophilizer as its representative; and the other is in-situ freeze dryer, industrial and commercial freeze dryer belonging to this group. According to their different drying room, Hawach’s vacuum freeze dryer can also be divided into ordinary tray type, gland type, hanging-bottle type, gland hanging-bottle type, and T-type.

Hawach’s desktop freeze dryer has four series according to the condensation temperature: -50°C, -56°C, -60°C, and -80°C freeze dryer, and it features multi-purpose, compact design, mini and beautiful appearance, and easy operation. This mostly used in laboratory freeze dryer price is therefore wallet-friendly.

Since Hawach is a freeze dryer manufacturer, a lot of unnecessary costs thus can be eliminated. And this strength has made our products considerably competitive. Except for the low price laboratory freeze dryer, we also have a more-advanced freeze drying machine for sale. Hawach freeze drying machine for sale is the in-situ freeze dryer, with -75℃ lyophilization machine as its representative. It innovates the previous time-consuming drying process, avoids pollution of the materials, and makes automated drying and sublimation possible.

The freeze drying machine for sale has two ways for heating: electric and silicone oil heating. In-situ silicone oil heating lyophilizer features liquid heat cycle heating, high-temperature uniformity, and shelf temperature difference ≤1 °C. Its temperature range is -50 to 70 degrees. While in-situ electric heating lyophilizer doesn’t have as strong temperature uniformity due to the different inlet and outlet temperature. The heating function of Hawach ‘s freeze drying machine for sale allows more efficient freeze drying. The equipped transparent acrylic observation window can detect the freeze-drying condition, which brings great convenience to our customers.

Working principle of Hawach’s vacuum freeze dryer

Three-state change of water is the basic working principle of the vacuum freeze dryer. In the high vacuum state, using the sublimation principle, the moisture in the pre-frozen material is directly removed from the ice state into water vapor without melting of the ice, thereby achieving the purpose of freeze drying.

The freeze-dried products are sponge-like, without shrinkage, excellent rehydration, and very little water content. After corresponding packaging, they can be stored and transported at normal temperature for a long time. After adding water, they can return to the state before freeze-drying and maintain the original biochemical characteristics.

Because vacuum freeze dryer has unparalleled advantages of other dryers, it is widely used in medicine, biological products, chemical industry, and food industry. For heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones, and other biological tissues, freeze-drying technology is very suitable.

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