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Spray Dryer For Sale

Spray dryer is a type of continuous atmospheric pressure dryer. Special equipment is used to spray the liquid material into a mist so that it is dried in contact with hot air. The spray drying equipment is used for heat-sensitive liquids, suspensions, and viscous liquids. They can also be used to dry fuels, soap powder, intermediates, and inorganic salts.

Hawach has mainly two series spray dryer for sale, one is airstream spray dryer, of which the drying speed is 1.5L/h-3L/h, and vacuum spray dryer and dryers for organic solvents (also named closed loop spray dryer) belong to this group; the other is centrifugal spray dryer (3L/h-150L/h). Dryers of which the speed is over 150L/h needs to be customized.

Airstream laboratory scale spray dryer

The small spray dryer (1.5L/h-3L/h) is mostly for laboratory use, thus it is called laboratory scale spray dryer. The spray dryer for sale at Hawach Scientific features less-time consuming, high drying speed, high yield, easy operation and high evenness rate (95%). In the development of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, laboratory scale spray dryer helps a lot. Vacuum spray dryers in the group can be used in experiments where the temperature is 50-130°C, which is suitable for heat-sensitive materials. And Hawach’s spray dryers for organic solvents are specific for inflammable and explosive materials. These two high-end spray dryers will be detailed illustrated in the customized spray dyer category.

Centrifugal spray dryer for sale

Compared with the air stream spray dryer, the centrifugal spray dryer has a relatively larger-area drying chamber and a higher drying speed. Thus it is also named pilot scale spray dryer and industry spray dryer for its application in pilot-scale testing and industry. This drying machine can evaporate instantly 95%-98% water from object materials. Its instant is shown in the few-second drying time. Hawach’s centrifugal spray dryer reaches high in fluidity, uniformity, and solubility. And it is an ideal process when the particle size distribution, residual water content, accumulation density, and particle shape of the finished product conform to precise standards.

Customized spray dryer for sale

Customized spray drying machine of Hawach includes those with over 150L/h speed and those that are used for drying food like milk powder. The drying machine price is based on your specific requirements.

Following is the detailed drying speed info regarding different types of spray dryer:
Airstream laboratory scale spray dryer:
0.05-1.5L/h, 0.05-1.8L/h, 0.05-2L/h, 1.5-3L/h
Centrifugal spray dryer for sale:
1.5-3L/h, 0.05-5L/h, 0.1-6L/h, 0.1-8L/h, 10L/h, 0.2-15L/h, 20L/h, 30L/h, 50L/h, 100L/h, 150L/h
Customized spray dryer for sale:
over 150L/h

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