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Food Freeze Dryer For Sale

Introduction of Hawach’s food freeze dryer for sale

Hawach has recently introduced freeze dried food machine  with four different cold trap temperatures: -40°C, -45°C, -75°C and -65°C. The first three are kitchen freeze dryer, used for the processing of a comparatively small amount of foods, and the -65°C industrial food freeze dryer is specific for mass production.

Hawach has the best freeze dryer machine, which indicates the quality, price, before- and after-sale services are all up to your requirements. The kitchen freeze dryer and industrial mass-production drying machine are all in-situ, reducing operation procedures and making the drying process simple.

Reasons for using Hawach’s food freeze dryer for sale

Various physical, chemical, and biological changes will occur in food processing, storage, and transportation. These changes will alter the color and structure of the food, deteriorate aromatic substances, and reduce nutrients. All these physical and biochemical changes will lead to a reduction in food quality and processing efficiency. Especially when processing high-value foods, an effective preservation method should be selected. Drying is an ancient method of preserving food so that dehydrated products have a longer shelf life. However, the products dried by traditional methods such as hot air drying will usually reduce the quality of the raw materials. Compared with the methods that have mentioned, vacuum freeze-drying is the most suitable way to maintain food quality. Choosing the best freeze dryer machine, like Hawach’s four series of food lyophilizer can save you a lot of time and effort when processing foods.

Notes when using Hawach’s food freeze dryer for sale

1. The freezing temperature should be kept below the triple point. Otherwise, in a vacuum environment, liquid boiling will make the surface of the product uneven.

2. During the sublimation and drying process, maintain a sufficient vacuum. Insufficient vacuum or heat supply may lead to incomplete sublimation of the finished product and high water content.

3. Too fast heating, uneven heating, or incomplete pre-freezing will cause partial liquefaction of the product during the sublimation process, resulting in the uneven surface of the product.

4. Keep the sublimation temperature unchanged.

5. The quick-freezing process should be faster. The faster the process, the small the ice crystals produced, and the smaller the impact on the structure of the item.

6. Rehydration and the use of rehydration methods affect the final sensory quality of certain foods. When rehydrating raw meat products, meat softeners are required.

7. Whether to choose kitchen freeze dryer or industrial freezer dryer depends on the amount of the material. Contact us if you have any questions.

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