Operating Instructions Of Low Temperature Spray Dryer

Low temperature spray dryer, refers to the vacuum spray dryer, which spray dries materials under a relatively lower temperature with the help of a deep vacuum. Today Hawach will show you the operating instructions of this special spray dryer.

Operating instructions of low temperature spray dryer

1. Check whether the spray dryer is damaged. If any damage is found, fix it in time.

2. In order to ensure the purity of the product, please check all parts before starting up. Whether the inner wall is clean; whether the connections of the low temperature spray dryer are in place. Hawach's Operating Instructions Of Low Temperature Spray Dryer

3. Turn on the power switch of the low temperature spray dryer, and that of the aspirator to make airflow in the system.

4. Set the inlet temperature and turn on the heating switch. For aqueous samples, the inlet temperature should be 100 to 220°C; generally set to 150°C.

5. After the inlet temperature is reached, turn on the air compressor and adjust the needle valve on the flowmeter, generally to a height of 4cm (about 600L/H).

6. Prepare distilled water and turn on the switch of the peristaltic pump.

7. If the sample solution is easy to block the nozzle, you can turn on the nozzle cleaning switch to set the frequency of cleaning. Note: If the peristaltic pump of the low temperature spray dryer is working normally and the sample cannot be injected after the automatic/manual clogging is removed, the sample inlet may be blocked and the sampling device needs to be cleaned. The first-time user should contact the machine manager in time, do not disassemble and wash without authorization to avoid irreversible damage to the sampling device.

8. Convert the distilled water into a sample solution for input. (Can be switched manually or through the sample switch valve)

9. After the sample is sprayed, switch to distilled water and clean the pipeline and nozzle of the low temperature spray dryer. Note: This step must be strictly performed to ensure that there is no sample residue in the pipeline, especially in the nozzle.

10. When shutting down, first turn off the inlet temperature heating switch to keep the aspirator working; wait until the outlet temperature drops below 0°C. before turning off the aspirator.

11. Take out the finished product.

12. Cleaning. The parts of this low temperature spray dryer that need to be disassembled and cleaned are all made of glass, so be very careful in the cleaning process to avoid breakage.

13. After the experiment, make a record of use and ask the instrument manager to check whether the instrument is in good condition.

Warm reminder: In order to meet the user’s experiment requirements as much as possible for this low temperature spray dryer, the user carefully read and study the operating specifications and precautions before the experiment.