Is Spray Drying Safe?

Is spray drying safe? We have to say, spray drying to some extent is not safe. Spray drying is a process of turning moisture-contained materials into dried powders. Whenever there is powder or dust in the spray drying machine, there is a possibility of an explosion. Therefore, precautions when using a spray dryer is a must you need to know before the operation, and the maintenance for spray dryer is also worth memorizing. 

Precautions when using a spray dryer — be careful about the explosion

precautions when using a spray dryer

When the material organic solvents (such as ethanol, xylene, etc.), you need to control the oxygen concentration below 5%. Otherwise, the solvents may burn even explode.

Precautions when using a spray dryer — mind your hands and fingers

During the operation of the spray dryer, do not touch the rotating parts (atomizer, atomization plate, belt, fan blade). The surface temperature of the spray dryer is relatively high during operation or for a period of time after shutdown. So keep away from the cyclone, atomizer, observation windows, etc.

When opening and closing the spray dryer door, assembling and disassembling the air duct, cyclone separator, and atomizer, be careful to avoid your hands or fingers from being trapped.

Precautions when using a spray dryer — avoid the danger of suffocation

Do not open the door of the machine when the oxygen concentration is lower than 21%, or you may have the danger of suffocation.

Maintenance for spray dryer — material aggregates

If the spray dryer is running for a long time or due to improper operation, aggregates will appear in some spray granulation dryers, which will affect the normal operation. At this time, you need to stop the machine and clean it. Open the door when doing the cleaning job. Use a long broom to sweep the aggregate in the funnel-shaped bottom, open the discharge valve, and when the freezer is turned on, you must turn on the circulating water, and use tap water to rinse the boiling tower.

Maintenance for spray dryer — inspection needed after 600 hours of operation

laboratory lyophilizer

After about 600 hours of operation, the spray dryer needs to be inspected and maintained. For the feeding system, check filters, pipes, valves, nozzles, etc. to see if they are clogged, clean them regularly, and check the nozzle wear so that it can be replaced in time when it is worn out. Check whether the feeding pump is leaking, whether the pressure is normal, whether the oil level is normal, etc. For the fan of the dryer, check if the shaft and bearing are lack oil to generate heat if there is vibration, noise, etc., and if necessary, clean the three filters of the oil pipe, oil pump, and oil nozzle.

Maintenance for spray dryer— in case of emergency

In case of emergency, the machine must be shut down immediately, and the blower and material pump should be shut down first. If there is a sudden power failure, pull out the gas engine to cool the tower naturally, then open the drain valve, drain the slurry in the pipeline, and clean the spray dryer.

Is spray dryer safe? No, it is not safe, there are some precautions and maintenance tips that you need to pay attention to. If you need spray dryers or freeze dryers like a laboratory lyophilizer, come and quote from Hawach.