Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy?

Is freeze-dried fruit healthy? First I should say, yes, freeze dried fruit is healthy, even for toddlers. Why should I say so? Here is the reason.

Is freeze dried fruit healthy — the origin of the freeze dried food

Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy 1

Is freeze dried fruit healthy? A “yes” answer has been given and the reason should first begin with freeze dried foods. Few people may know that foods using this process have another name — astronaut’s space foods. Because the foods are initially designed for astronauts. Meal is a big event, and it is the nutritional guarantee of space flight. Just like on the earth, astronauts still eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When eating in space, astronauts have to open and close their mouths quickly, and their movements should not be too violent, otherwise the food will be pasted onto the face, or even damage the instrument. So the scientific research team has developed freeze-dried food for astronauts. The birth of freeze-drying technology not only fundamentally solved the daily dietary problems of astronauts, but also brings great breakthroughs in food nutrition and preservation.

Is freeze dried fruit healthy — a breakthrough in nutrients

Here we come back to our main topic: is freeze dried fruit healthy? We have previously mentioned that freeze drying technology has made great breakthroughs. And freeze dried fruits are used to discuss the benefits this technology has brought to us. The traditional drying methods like sun drying will not only cause fruits a great discount in value, but also a relatively dry and hard taste, and more importantly, more than 90% of vitamins and other nutrients in fresh fruits are lost. However, the fruit after freeze-drying could have the same color and shape, and a crisp taste with over 90% of the nutrients remained.

Is freeze dried fruit healthy — a breakthrough in food preservation

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Most people confuse freeze-dried fruits with ordinary preserves. In fact, ordinary candied fruit cannot be compared with freeze-dried fruits. The freeze-drying technology can make the dehydration rate of fruits, melons and vegetables more than 95%. Without preservatives, it can still be preserved for nearly a year, and the finished product is lightweight and easy to carry.

Is freeze dried fruit healthy — freeze drying process

Freeze dried fruits are usually free from preservatives, this undoubtedly adds its healthy value. Freeze drying technology is the maker of these magics. In the low temperature vacuum environment, the water in the object is directly sublimated from ice to water vapor, thereby maximizing the original state of the raw material, and its nutrients as well.

Is freeze dried fruit healthy — conclusion

Is freeze dried fruit healthy? Yes, such fruits are healthy and safe. But for any kind of foods, you can not eat too much. Or you will put on weight or have some healthy problems. If you want to buy lyophilization machine, don’t forget Hawach, we have laboratory lyophilizer and industrial lyophilizer. Customized freeze dry machine is also available here. Quote today to get a discount!