How To Use A Freeze Dryer?

How to use a freeze dryer? Generally, there are three steps: sample pre-freezing, sample freeze-drying, and sample loading. The detailed guidance will be shown below. And a short description of freeze dryers will be firstly introduced.

A freeze dryer also named a lyophilization machine, is suitable for drying materials that are thermally unstable. This machine requires the sample to be an aqueous solution, which basically does not contain organic solvents such as ethanol, otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the instrument.

care for a freeze dryer

How to use a freeze dryer?

1. Sample pre-freezing. The sample is pre-frozen at low temperatures. The optional method is to place the sample in a low-temperature refrigerator or use the liquid nitrogen treatment to make the sample solid. Note that the sample cannot exceed one-third of the volume of the container.

2. Sample freeze-drying. First, check whether all valves in the sample chamber are closed. Turn on the main power switch on the left side of the instrument, and then turn on the refrigeration button on the front panel, select the “MAN” mode, and observe the LCD screen of the mini freeze dryer machine. After the cold trap temperature is lower than 40℃, turn on the “VACUUM” button of the pump, wait until the vacuum degree drops to 0.12mbar before hanging the bottle containing samples.

3. Sample loading. Put semi-permeable membrane paper between the glass nozzle and the rubber stopper, connect the bottle and the rubber stopper, and connect with the sample chamber, switch the valve to 180°, and deflate. Turn off the “VACUUM” and the “MAN” button, and finally turn off the power switch. Open the drain valve, dry the cold trap after defrosting, and close the drain valve.

Here are also some notes for using a freeze dryer.

Notes for using a freeze dryer

1. Freeze-dried samples are generally water samples, usually without any acids or organic solvents, otherwise, the vacuum pump will be damaged. If the sample contains any of the materials mentioned, the user must replace the vacuum oil in time after use.

2.After the power is cut off or the compressor cooling button is turned off, it must be turned on again after an interval of 3 to 5 minutes.

We also have some information on how to care for a freeze dryer.

Care for a freeze dryer

1. Keep the surface of the compressor cooling fin clean, and use a dry cloth or brush to clean it.

2. The rubber ring does not need to be oiled under normal circumstances, but it must be kept free of particulate impurities.

3. Keep the ambient temperature moderate, too high, or too low tempt. will cause oil leakage.

3.The vacuum pump oil changes from a light color to yellow, brown, dark brown, or even black during use. Replace the oil when it is brown. The scale of the oil should be ≤1/2, and it needs to be changed when the suspended matter is found in the oil window. oil. If the dirt in the oil separator above the pump exceeds 1/2, it needs to be drained.

How to use a freeze dryer? What are the notes for using a freeze dryer? And What should you do to care for a freeze dryer? I believe you must have got all the answers. Have a nice day!