How to Store Freeze Dried Food?

How to store freeze dried food? First of all, because freeze-dried food is hygroscopic and easy to oxidize, it should be stored with a desiccant or placed in a place with a strong inert gas such as carbon dioxide. After taking out the freeze-dried food, it is recommended to seal and package immediately the rest that hasn’t be taken to avoid damp. 

How to store freeze dried food — tip 1

How do you store freeze dried food? People tend to store such foods in a dry location. And this is perfectly right. The food dried with a freeze dryer lyophilizer should be stored in airtight containers. There are metal boxes or glass bottles at home, which can be used to place the freeze-dried food. Such items for storage are airtight and opaque, which helps a lot in keeping food from moisture. At the same time, due to the hard material of these two types of packaging, freeze-dried food is less likely to break into pieces.

How to store freeze dried food — tip 2

How do you store freeze dried food? Some people may do not like the idea of metal boxes or glass bottles since they might be some kind of troublesome and may take up too much space. Is there any option? Of course, there it is. The most common material for storage is aluminum foil paper, which may be considered to be the best way to store freeze dried food. The aluminum foil paper is large in area, light in weight, easy to handle, easy to seal, and at the same time, it can shield light radiation and is airtight. Therefore, aluminum foil paper is currently an ideal packaging material for freeze dried food.

How to store freeze dried food — summary

Foods produced with a lyophilization machine are healthier compared to foods produced via other processing methods. Since most of the moisture has been excluded during the production process, such foods are easy to be stored for a long time. But due to its hygroscopicity, it is best to seal the foods. How do you store freeze dried food? Is there any detailed guidance? We have mentioned two methods, and the best way to store freeze dried food is to package it with aluminum foil paper. There are also methods that deserve your trial. But before do the trials, remember the following:

Because freeze-dried food contains fat and fat-soluble components, and is easy to oxidize, no matter what packaging material is used, the air in the packaging bag must be evacuated or filled with some inert gas for sealed packaging, As much as possible to reduce the oxygen content in the packaging bag. Keep the temperature below 20 degrees. As for freeze-dried food that has been damp, the best solution is to eat it the sooner the better.
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