How to Make Freeze Dried Corn?

How to make freeze dried corn? Before answering this question, let’s first figure out what is freeze dried corn?

What is freeze dried corn?

Freeze dried corn is a kind of healthy snack that’s cooked first using normal cooking methods and then seasoned, freeze-dried in the lyophilization machine to remove moisture for special tastes, long storage, easy transportation, etc. Freeze-dried corn has a rich corn fragrance, and it tastes crisp and crunchy thus being loved by many foodies.

How to make freeze dried corn?

Here comes our main topic today: how to make freeze dried corn?

How to freeze dry corn — step 1

Selection: select corn kernels that meet the requirements. The requirement is set by your preferences, and usually, the kernels selected should be high-quality, without impurities or insects.

Washing and thawing: fresh corn kernels should be washed 2-3 times with water to clean the raw materials; quick-frozen corn kernels should be thawed at room temperature (20°C to 30°C);

Cooking: the washed raw materials are prepared for cooking. Add water 4 times the weight of the corn, and boil the kernels for about 20 minutes. The corn should be cooked without hardcore.

Cooling and draining: quickly soak the cooked corn kernels in cold water to cool them quickly, remove the peeling, and drain the water.

How to freeze dry corn — step 2

Seasoning: mix the corn kernels with seasoning, the seasoning is prepared by mixing with water
in a certain ratio (the moisture in the seasoning can be handled according to the general knowledge and experience of those skilled in the lyophilization. Generally speaking, there is no need to increase the amount of water specially after the seasoning is soaked. That is, the soaked seasoning can be directly mixed with the boiled and dried corn kernels without the special addition of water.) Stir the corn kernel and the seasoning evenly for pickling. The prickling process usually lasts for 2-3 hours, and then drain the excess liquid in case it affects the freeze-drying results

How to freeze dry corn — step 3

Freeze-drying step: freeze-dry the seasoned corn kernels (refer to the conventional freeze-drying curve setting, usually the curve can be obtained from the freeze dryer suppliers and those skilled experts).

How to freeze dry corn — step 4

Packaging: after the corn is freeze-dried, it needs to be packaged quickly to avoid moisture absorption and oxidation.


What is freeze dried corn and how to make it? After reading this article, you shall know the definition and production process of the special-tasted snack. Freeze-dried corn snacks have a very good taste. They retain the taste of the corn itself and have an excellent taste modulated by seasonings. More importantly, the prepared freeze-dried corn snack foods are really crispy. In addition, the corn kernels have good integrity, and the rupture rate is less than 8%. If you have a freeze-dry machine and a lot of corn kernels at home, try to use this method and make your favorite lyophilized corn.