How To Freeze Dry Peas?

How to freeze dry peas? There must be a lot of people who are curious about this question. Today Hawach will uncover the freeze-drying process of peas.

How to freeze dry peas — preparationsfreeze dried peas

1. Prepare materials, choose fresh peas with green color, fullness, and moderate maturity;

2. Wash the selected peas, put them into clean water to wash away impurities;

3. Blanching, blanching the washed peas in hot water at a temperature of 95-100°C for 1 to 1.5 minutes;

4. Cooling, immerse the peas from the hot water in cold water and cool for 10 minutes;

5. Spin-drying, put the peas removed from the cold water into a centrifuge, and rotate at a constant speed for 20 seconds to shake off the water on the surface of the peas;

6. Incision, using an incision machine to incision the dried peas, the depth of the incision is 1/4-1/3 of the particle size of the peas;

7. Placing the cut peas on the plate, and the pea placed should be even and flat.

How to freeze dry peas — quick freezing

The coming process requires a suitable lyophilization machine, be sure to have a qualified food lyophilizer first.

Send the peas that have been plated into cold storage for quick freezing for 3 hours, and the temperature of the cold storage is maintained at -25°C.

How to freeze dry peas — freeze-drying

Put the quick-frozen peas into the freeze-drying chamber; the vacuum pressure of the chamber is 50-100Pa; the temperature of the heating plate is: 60-90°C; the temperature of the cold trap is: -30°C~-35° C; Freeze-drying time: 16-18 hours so that the water content of open peas is within 5%;

How to freeze dry peas — removing impurities

After selecting unqualified peas and foreign objects, the finished product is obtained.

How to freeze dry peas — notes

1. In step 7, the cut peas are quantitatively plated.

2. In the last step, a gold detector is used to remove metal foreign bodies in the peas.

The advantages of freeze dried peas

1. The nutrient composition of the freeze dried peas is basically unchanged. Because it is dried under low temperature and vacuum conditions, the nutrient composition is almost undamaged, especially the heat-sensitive substances;

2. The shape of the freeze dried peasis basically unchanged. Since the freeze-dried product directly converts the water from the solid-state to the gas state for discharge, the food structure has not changed, but the space occupied by the ice crystals forms a gap;

3. The quality of the freeze dried peas is basically not lost. Because the sublimation water vapor movement rate is very small, the object is basically in a static state, and the mass loss of the solid object is negligible;

4. The rehydration is excellent, and it is convenient to eat. Because the moisture leaves a lot of pores after drying, the rehydration is good, up to 95%, and the rehydration is rapid, which can be completed in a few minutes;

6. Convenient storage and long shelf life. Due to the high dehydration rate in the production process, there is no need to add preservatives and the freeze dried peas can have a long shelf life at room temperature. If the packaging is good, the shelf life can exceed 3 years. The product is light in weight, and convenient for storage and transportation.