How To Freeze Dry Milk?

How to freeze dry milk — background

Most of the existing milk powder production technologies use spray drying and hot air drying methods. Although these technologies are advanced, there are still many problems: large loss of nutrients caused by high-temperature environment, high energy consumption, low efficiency, and relatively poor solubility and preparation properties of prepared milk powder, etc.freeze dry milk 

Hawach provides a method for producing freeze-dried milk powder. The freeze-drying method is used to produce milk powder in a low-temperature environment to ensure the natural flavor, quality, and color of dairy products, and to protect the nutritional ingredients in the original milk.
Then here come the question: how to freeze dry milk?

How to freeze dry milk— obtain standardized milk

Standardizing the raw milk by purification, separation and sterilization: perform centrifugal sterilization and purification at a temperature of 45-50C and a speed of 6000 ~ 8000 revolutions per minute. After the treatment, the total number of colonies in the purified milk is not more than 30,000/ml.

How to freeze dry milk— vaporize water under vacuum

The water in the standardized milk is vaporized under 45-50°Ctemperature and -0.085 to -0.095Mpa vacuum pressure. By doing this, the tainted components and a large amount of water in the prepared milk can be removed, so that the dry matter content of the concentrated milk is at least 45% ~ 50% of the total weight of the milk.

How to freeze dry milk — homogenize the milk

The thick milk is homogenized, the homogenizing pressure in the first stage is 25~35Mpa, and that in the second stage is 5Mpa. The fat in the thick milk is crushed so that the average diameter of the fat globules in the milk is 0. 27um, the number of fat globules is increased by 1200 times, and the surface area is increased by 117 times. Store the homogenized thick milk at 2 ~ 6°C.

Hawach's lyophilization machine

How to freeze dry milk — freeze dry the milk

Put the milk into an industrial food freeze dryer, and freeze the concentrated milk to -12 ~ -50°C under a pressure of -15Pa ~ -100Pa. Evenly supplement the frozen milk with sublimation heat and controlled to prevent the frozen milk from melting. The heat is around -5 ~ -15°C, and the heating time is 15 hours. The frozen water in the frozen milk is directly sublimated into a gaseous state and then separated from the frozen milk, making the remaining dry matter in the frozen milk powdery and flakes.

How to freeze dry milk — process the freeze-dried milk powder into uniform particles

The freeze-dried milk powder is processed into uniform particles by the nitrogen flushing granulation method and then screened and separated to obtain the finished product.

How to freeze dry milk? Hawach shows you a special way. Hope you like this article, and if you want to buy a lyopghilization machine, do not forget Hawach since we have all types of freeze dryer you need!