How To Freeze Dry Food At Home?

How to freeze dry food at home? People have this question when they have a freeze dryer on hand but don’t know how to use it. Today Hawach will show you the detailed freeze-drying process with the processing of fruit and vegetables as an example. Prepare the best home freeze dryer and follow Hawach now!Freeze Dry Food At Home

1. How to freeze dry food at home — Selection and screening

Choose fresh, disease-free, damage-free, and normal-color fruit and vegetable products. Screen out qualified raw materials according to your criteria to eliminate inclusions.

2. How to freeze dry food at home — Washing and sterilization

Rinse the raw materials with running water to wash away the surface sediment; use ozone for sterilization, ozone concentration 2mg/m2, and keep for 2 minutes.

3. How to freeze dry food at home — Shelling and core removal

Hawach's lyophilization machine

Remove the shells and cores of the raw materials (if they have).

4. How to freeze dry food at home — Splitting

Split the materials. Use a flap cutter if necessary.

5. How to freeze dry food at home — Dishing up

Spread the cut petals evenly into the freeze-dried plate.

6. How to freeze dry food at home —Pre-freezing

Pre-freezing the cut materials, among which, the pre-freezing requirement for fruits is -25°C to -30°C and maintaining for 1-1. 5 hours; and that for vegetables is -20°C -25°c and maintaining 0.5-1 hours.

7. How to freeze dry food at home — Freeze-drying

During freeze-drying, the temperature of the cold trap is first pre-cooled to -35°C. Open the drying chamber, load the frozen material, and then close the door. The vacuum unit is started for evacuation. Start heating when the vacuum degree reaches 60Pa. During the heating process, it is necessary to ensure a stable working vacuum degree and ensure that the maximum temperature of the material does not exceed 50° freeze-drying process parameters are as follows:

a. Return water temperature: set value from O~150°C;
b. Duration: set value from 0~999min;
c. Material temperature: set value from 5°C~60°C;
d. Vacuum: 4-5 hours before the sublimation drying stage, maintained at 50-70Pa, 2-3 hours in the analytical drying stage, maintained at 20-30Pa.

8. How to freeze dry food at home — packaging

After the freeze-drying, inject nitrogen or dry air into the drying chamber to break the vacuum, and then immediately remove the material in a closed environment with relative humidity below 50%, a temperature of 22-25 °C, and less dust. Unload the material in the same environment, and select and package the semi-finished products in the same environment. Add oxygen scavenger and desiccant.

Have you finished your freeze-dried product? I believe you must enjoy the whole procedure. If you are going to process something that is hard to find its freeze-drying course online, reach to Hawach. Or if you have any doubts or questions regarding our lyophilization machine, reach to Hawach. We have an extremely nice and patient sales team who are waiting for your emails and phones!