How to Freeze Dry Chicken Dog Treats?

People with a fur baby pay much attention to the food they give to the special family member. They want the food to be safe, healthy, and tasty. Regarding all the health scares of pet treats, most pet owners may choose to make pet treats at home. Today we will talk about how to make freeze dried dog treats. Prepare a lyophilization machine now to get started.

To make things easier, the food material we choose today is chicken. The freeze-drying process of chicken also goes with that of other meat, like beef, and fish (you may need to remove the fishbone first). Then how to freeze dry chicken dog treats?how to make freeze dried dog treats

Freeze dry dog treats — preparing

1. Prepare fresh chicken ingredients.
2. Clean the tray of the mini freeze dryer, and cut the chicken ingredients into small pieces of about 2cm, and then place them flat on the tray;
3. After preparing the ingredients, put the tray carrying the chicken into the drying bin of the food freeze dryer.

Freeze dry dog treats — freeze-drying

1. Close the freeze-drying chamber door and start it with one button (the manufacturer has set it up, and you can adjust the process after you are familiar with it)
2. Wait for the end of the lyophilization process, and then take the chicken material out;
3. The freeze-dried chicken should be sealed and preserved. You can consider a well-sealed jar or bag.

How to make freeze dried dog treats? Actually, it’s really easy after reading the process above. Freeze-dried dog food are healthier and tastier than commercial food. But there are also some precautions when feeding.

How to feed freeze dried dog food — feeding according to the dog’s age

When feeding dogs freeze-dried food, many owners have to know that they should feed them according to their age. Younger dogs like puppies don’t have as good digestive ability as the older ones. Feeding the puppy with freeze-dried or some other snacks may not be appropriate at this time, so the owner can choose to feed the puppy with milk. Wait until the puppy is three months later, and then try to feed he/her with freeze-dried treats.

How to feed freeze dried dog food — feeding after soaking in water

After the freeze-drying process, the food is dehydrated, retaining the original color and flavor of the food itself. Some owners feel that freeze-drying dog treats are too hard to eat especially when their fur baby is aged. In this way, the owner can soak the freeze-dried treats in water before feeding it to the dog.

How to feed freeze dried dog food — feeding with dog’s staple food

Freeze-dried dog treats can be fed alone or it can be mixed with the staple food. Freeze-dried treats have good palatability. When the dog is a bit tired of eating the staple food, you can mix the tasty treats with the food and your dog may love the mixture! In addition, freeze-dried food is usually hard, and this can also help the dog to grind the teeth if your is not too young or too aged. Prepare some freeze-dried food now and feed your fur baby, he/she will definitely love it!