How To Freeze Dry Avocado?

Freeze dry avocado — background

About freeze-drying
Vacuum freeze-drying technology is a high-dehydration technology for color protection, freshness, and quality preservation of food and medicine. Fresh food such as vegetables, meat, aquatic products, etc. after being quickly frozen, is sent to a vacuum container and dehydrated. In the lyophilization process, the water in the pre-frozen materials directly sublimes into the ice state to remove the water vapor without the melting of ice, thereby reaching the drying purpose.freeze dry avocado

About avocado
Although avocado is a high-fat fruit, it contains a lot of dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids.
The dietary fiber can help people’s fullness after eating; and the fatty acids can reduce the formation and accumulation of fat. Therefore, this fruit plays a role in assisting weight loss and can also prevent cardiovascular disease.

Avocado also possesses an anti-oxidation function. It must be eaten as soon as possible after being cut, otherwise, it will be oxidized and discolored. This shows that the avocado is rich in antioxidant substances, including oxidized phenols, dismutase, and various vitamins. Except for the three benefits avocado brings to us, it can also promote brain development and protect the uterus. What an amazing fruit! We should say. But this fruit is not suitable for everyone, and excess consumption will result in some problems.

Since the introduction of lyophilizer, people begin to freeze-dry foods of all kinds. Avocado, as a popular fruit, attract people’s attention. How to freeze dry avocado? Hawach today will show you the process of dehydrating avocados using a lyophilizer.

Freeze dry avocado— a brief introduction

The way to freeze dry avocado that will be later fully discussed comprises of two main parts: preparations and freeze-drying.

Freeze dry avocado — preparations

a. Select avocado: take the lid off the stem or the top of the fruit. If it’s green inside, it means the avocado is of good quality. And remember to choose avocado with a big belly, which indicates the flesh of the fruit is filled.
b. Wash the avocados with rinsing water to remove the foreign particles.
c. Cut the fruit half and take out its seeds with a spoon.freeze dry fruit machined. Remove the skin.
c. Cut the avocado into cubes and soak them with juice to avoid oxidation.

Freeze dry avocado — freeze-drying

a. Arrange the cubes on the tray of a freeze dry fruit machine. Allow a 6mm space among cubes to let the air circulate.
b. Put the tray into the lyophilization machine and freeze dry the avocado cubes for 8 hours. The ratio of cooling power is (0.5-1):1.
c. Take one out to see if it is dried. The color and structure of avocado should not have changed.

Freeze dry avocado — notes

Sometime the avocados you bought may contain a considerable amount of pesticides. So you need to disinfect the freeze-dried avocado cubes. The disinfection methods used here are ozone disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. If you want to know more about the disinfection process, reach out to Hawach!