How To Freeze Dry Apples?

How to freeze dry apples? Apple-lovers may be thinking about this question. They want to freeze dry apples on their own, or at least know the procedure of this drying process. Today Hawach will answer your question on how to freeze dry apples. There are just a few steps, but first, you should make sure or imagine there is a freeze dry fruit machine to help you going through the whole procedure.freeze dried foods

1. How to freeze dry apples: preparations

A. Raw materials selection:
Raw materials are required to be fresh and free from damage, stored within 3 months after the harvest season, and no discoloration within the internal organization.

B. Screening:
The qualified raw materials are screened out according to the raw material acceptance method, and the inclusions should be eliminated.

C. Apple washing and sterilization
Wash apples with running water to remove surface sediment. Use ozone for sterilization keep for 2 minutes, the ozone concentration is 2mg/m2,

D. Peeling and nucleating
E. Cut into 8 parts with a flap cutter.

F. Color protection, sterilization with 0.5% VC to protect the color. Using ozone to sterilize for 2 minutes, the ozone concentration is 3mg/m2.

G. Spread the cut petals evenly into the freeze-dried tray, the loading capacity is 9~10kg/m2, and the optimal loading capacity is 9. 5kg/m2

2. How to freeze dry apples: pre-freezing:

Pre-freeze the cut apple petals to -35° C, and maintain the temp. for 1 h.

3. How to freeze dry apples: freeze-drying

First pre-cool the temperature of the cold trap to -35° C., open the drying chamber door, load the frozen apples, close the door, start the vacuum unit to evacuate.

4. How to freeze dry apples: material heating

When the vacuum reaches to 60Pa, heating starts. During the heating process, it is necessary to ensure a stable working vacuum and ensure that the maximum temperature of the article does not exceed 60°C.

5. How to freeze dry apples: package

People usually freeze-dry a large numbers of apples for convenience and to save costs, thus we need to mention the package. The package of freeze-dried apples should be vacuum- and nitrogen-filled. So that they can be stored for a long time.

Now you should have a basic idea on how to freeze dry apples. The non-comparable features of freeze-dried foods lead to its popularity. Their features can be summarized as follows:
A. It avoids the defects of discoloration, taste change, large loss of nutrients and poor rehydration caused by traditional dehydration technology
B. It can maintain the original food shape, and is lighter in weight, easy to carry and transport;.
C. It can be stored at room temperature and can be kept for a long time.
D. It has an irreplaceable position in special occasions such as mountaineering, sailing, expedition, and military field battles. It is also the main food for astronauts in space.

Try to buy a suitable freeze dryer for home use and begin your trial on freezing dry apples and other foods. Share with us your experience on how to freeze dry apples. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Hawach the manufacture and expert of freeze drying machine!