Freeze Dryer Vs Compressed Air Dryer, What’s The Difference?

The biggest difference between freeze dryer vs compressed air dryer is the manufacturing technique. Though they have similar working principles, the different techniques used in the manufacturing process can result in different applications.

Freeze dryer vs compressed air dryer — freeze dryer

Working principle of freeze dryer: the lyophilization machine prefreezes substances (generally liquid or semi-solid such as liquid medicine, biomedical liquid, Chinese herbal medicine, meat products, etc.) that need to be dried at low temperatures. The moisture in the dried product becomes solid ice, and then it is sublimated in a vacuum at low temperature and resolved. In the process of sublimation and resolution, the solid ice sublimates into water vapor, which is resolved by combining with water, and the product is dried. freeze drying

The lyophilizer is designed and manufactured in different industries according to different standards and regulations. It cannot be manufactured by someone who only knows the structure, but someone who is also familiar with the regulations and standards of various industries and freeze-drying knowledge like the freeze-drying process, formula, and common problems.

Freeze dryer vs compressed air dryer — compressed air dryer

Working principle of  compressed air dryer: according to the principle of freezing and dehumidification, a fully enclosed compression refrigeration system is used to cool the compressed gas discharged by the air compressor, so that a large amount of saturated water vapor and oil mist condensed droplets contained in it are discharged by the automatic drain after the gas and water separation. The saturated compressed gas at a higher temperature enters the pre-cooler of the refrigeration dryer, where it exchanges heat with the dry cold gas from the evaporator, and then enters the evaporator of the refrigeration system after lowering the temperature, where it heats up with the refrigerant vapor for the second time, thus dropping its own temperature close to the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant. In the two cooling processes, the water vapor in the compressed gas can condense into liquid water droplets and enter the gas-water separator with the airflow. The separated liquid is drained out of the machine and the dry compressed gas with a lower temperature enters the pre-cooler, and exchanges heat with the wet saturated gas that has just entered so that its temperature is increased, and then a dry compressed gas with low moisture content ( low dew point) and low relative humidity is obtained at the exhaust port of the cooler.

Freeze dryer vs compressed air dryer — the difference

Because of the reliable work, convenient management, and low operating cost, the compressed air dryer has become the purification equipment in various industries. Although the working principle of freeze dryer and that of compressed air dryer are basically the same, there are many differences in the manufacturing process. If the freeze dryer is used for the medicine or food industry, the temperature sensitivity, vacuum control, and freeze-drying curves need to be designed to meet pharmaceutical and food industry specifications, sanitation, and cleanliness standards. However, the compressed air dryer does not need to consider these — it only needs to dry the air. And the low cost is the main consideration of the compressed air dryer.