Freeze Dryer Troubleshooting And Maintenance

Freeze dryer troubleshooting and maintenance — background

Everyone knows that vacuum freeze dryers cannot always operate normally. There will be some wear or occasional problems, so repairing equipment becomes a big problem. However, many people do not repair these things very much, so now Hawach will introduce how to do some simple repairs — freeze dryer troubleshooting and also some maintenance work to prevent these problems from happening.freeze dryer troubleshooting

Freeze dryer troubleshooting and maintenance —  preparatory work

To check the freeze dryer or even fix it, you must first know how to disassemble it. Here is the guidance: be careful when disassembling, and strictly follow the steps from the outside to the inside. First, remove the outer protective shell, and then slowly disassemble the inside to check what is wrong with the inside, whether it is the electric wire problem or the parts worn out. Be careful not to carelessly move the circuit when disassembling.

Freeze dryer troubleshooting and maintenance — troubleshooting

When there is a problem with the equipment, we must first check whether there is an electric wire problem, because most of the time it is caused by the aging of the wire that the equipment cannot operate normally. When checking, first remove the plug and disconnect the equipment to prevent damage due to leakage of electricity during the inspection, you need to use an electrician pen to check whether there is a UMC situation. If there is a UMC, disconnect the equipment circuit and reconnect it. Secondly, check whether the valve port is a bit loose. If it is loose, there will be air leakage, which will hinder the normal operation. Finally, look at the fan blades of the lyophilization machine. If the fan blades are broken, replace the machine.

Freeze dryer troubleshooting and maintenance — maintenance

Though there is corresponding freeze dryer troubleshooting, it is still annoying when such problems occur. So freeze dryer maintenance is of great importance to minimize the fixing-machine times. The maintenance part is divided into two, one is the maintenance when switching on or off, and the other is the maintenance when using.

a. Freeze dryer maintenance when it is switched on and off:freeze dryer lyophilizer

Switch-on: Press and hold the switch of the control panel for more than three seconds, the temperature will be displayed as the actual temperature of the cold trap. Start the refrigerator and pre-freeze for more than 30 minutes. Put the sample in the sample rack, and start the vacuum pump. After the air pressure is stable, record the temperature and air pressure.

Switch-off: Press and hold the inflation valve on the control panel and immediately turn off the vacuum pump. When the air pressure is displayed as atmospheric pressure, open the plexiglass cover, and take out the sample. Turn off the refrigerator, press and hold the main switch for more than three seconds, and finally turn off the main power switch. After the ice in the cold trap is completely transformed into water, open the water outlet valve on the left side of the freeze dryer lyophilizer to drain the water, and clean the inner wall of the cold trap with a dry cloth, and cover with a large piece of filter paper to prevent dust.

b. Freeze dryer maintenance when freeze-drying

1)  The surface area of the sample should be expanded as much as possible, and it must not contain acid-base substances and volatile organic solvents.
2) The sample must be completely frozen into ice.
3) Under normal circumstances, the machine should not be used continuously for more than 48 hours.
4) During the freezing process of the sample, the temperature gradually decreases. The sample can be taken out to warm up for a period of time (still in a frozen state) and continue to be dried to shorten the drying time.