Freeze Dried Food Machine And Freeze Dried Products

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the maintenance of the body. Fruit and yogurt are good partners, and they are also one of the favorite foods for most people. However, due to the influence of microorganisms, fresh fruit yogurt has a shelf life of only a few hours. What should we do if we want to keep the fruit yogurt a little longer like several days?


Freeze dried food machines could be of great help. This amazing machine can make fruit yogurt low moisture, long storage time, and retain more than 95% of the nutrients, with basically the same color and flavor as the fresh one. Freeze dried food machine has greatly changed our eating habit.

Steps For Making Fruit Yogurt Using Freeze Dried Food Machine

1. Use the freeze dried food machine to obtain dried fruits to protect some oxidizable substances. This step can eliminate more than 95% -99% of the water in the fruit. Packed the dried food with moisture-proof material to make sure the fruit kept for a long time.
The material can use high-density PET / PE composite aluminum foil bags;

2. Take fresh milk and white sugar, after mixing, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, cooling, and inoculation of lactic acid bacteria starter, culture the compound at 40-42 ° C for about 5 hours. When the pH value reaches 4. 55, stop the fermentation, break the emulsion, cool it down to fermented milk to make a yogurt base;

3. The freeze-dried products and yogurt base are separately served. The moisture content of yogurt base material should be controlled between 75% to 85%.

When eating, put the freeze-dried products in the yogurt base, and the fruit will quickly absorb the yogurt and return to its original shape immediately. Then you can eat fruit that has almost no difference in taste and nutritional content from fresh fruit.

Characteristics Of Freeze Dried Products

Because vacuum commercial freeze dryer is operated at low temperature and low pressure, and the water is directly sublimated without passing through the liquid, freeze dried products can ensure various nutrients such as protein and vitamins in the food, especially those volatile heat-sensitive components without any lost, so they can maximize the original nutrients and effectively prevent oxidation, conversion of nutrients and state changes during the drying process. The freeze dried products are in the form of sponge and have the following features: no shrinkage, excellent rehydration, and very little water content. After corresponding packaging, they can be stored and transported at normal temperature for a long time.
1. Dehydration is relatively thorough, which is conducive to long-term storage.

2. The drying process of the material is completed in a frozen state. Compared with other drying methods, the shrinkage rate of the product (compared to fresh material) is much smaller, and the organizational structure and appearance of its raw materials are well preserved.

3. The freeze dried products have no surface hardening problem, and the inside is a porous sponge, so it has excellent rehydration. This performance shows a very clear advantage in instant convenience foods.