Electrostatic Low Temperature Spray Drying Technology

Drying technology has a long history, but its rapid development is within the past 20 years.

As an ancient and emerging engineering technology, drying technology has become increasingly common and mature and has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. But any technology is constantly evolving according to the market demand, and even giving birth to an innovative revolution.

Electrostatic spray drying is bringing a brand new solution to this long-standing pharmaceutical engineering technology.Electrostatic Low Temperature Spray Drying Technology1 (1) 

Why electrostatic spray drying — comparison with traditional spray drying

Traditional spray drying machine and freeze dryer lyophilizer are often used for medicine preparation. The goal of spray drying is microencapsulation—that is, the carrier envelops the active material and allows the solvent to evaporate under the action of the hot dry airflow, leaving the carrier around the active material to act as a protective layer. Normally, nozzles or rotary sprayers are usually used to achieve atomization, and the temperature of the drying gas will reach 200°C. The limitation of traditional spray drying is that the strong heat may destroy the active ingredients of the material liquid, or the active ingredients still remain on the surface of the dried product powder, resulting in the incomplete realization of microencapsulation.

Why electrostatic spray drying — comparison with traditional freeze drying

The freeze-drying machine has a complex structure and a “huge body”, high one-time investment cost, and a large area required for operation. It’s a “big energy consumer” regarding its refrigeration system, a vacuum system or a heating system; the operation of the machine is relatively complex, and the machine needs high installation and maintenance costs. What’s more, the freeze-drying requires a long time, and the cycle to complete freeze-drying is generally 50-60 hours.

Why electrostatic spray drying — it is a revolution!

The electrostatic spray drying technology is a revolution in the biopharmaceutical field. Its core principle is to make the water or other solvents in the spray drying atomized droplets repel each other at the edge of the droplet under the action of static electricity. The solid content of the core remains in the center of the droplet, thereby reducing the difficulty of drying and evaporating water, that is, the temperature required for evaporation of water is decreased, which helps to reduce the denaturation of core active ingredients caused by high temperature. Thus this tech is also named low temperature spray drying.

Why electrostatic spray drying— more about its advantages

(1) Process advantages:

The low temperature spray drying technology can process temperature-sensitive materials more efficiently, has a better microcapsule embedding effect on volatile components, which is suitable for products with a low glass transition temperature (Tg). It features continuous production, and the processing time is much shorter than freeze-drying tech.

(2) Product advantages:

The low temperature spray drying can maintain the excellent microscopic microcapsule shape, which improves the stability and shelf life of the product. The product will have better solubility, fluidity with little oxidation.