Application Of Spray Drying In Food Industry

Application of spray drying in food industry — background

Spray drying is a method of applying systematic technology to material drying. After the material is atomized in the drying chamber of the small spray dryer, the moisture is quickly vaporized in contact with hot air to obtain a dried product. This process has many advantages, such as fast drying speed, short time, good product quality, simple process, and convenient control, high productivity, etc., so it has a wide range of applications in the field of food processing.application of spray dryer in food industry

Application of spray drying in food industry — fruit and vegetable powder processing

One application of spray dryer in food industry is the machine’s use in fruit and vegetable powder processing. Due to its unique advantages, the powder can not only overcome the shortcomings of no resistance to storage and easy-to-rot but also can meet people’s needs for diversification and freshness of fruits and vegetables.

In this process from fruit and vegetable to fruit and vegetable powder, the spray drying technique is applied. In the spray drying process, there are several factors affecting the produced powder: the dilution ratio, the homogeneous pressure of the material liquid, the spray drying feed rate, the inlet and outlet temperature, the liquid flow rate, and the type and amount of the drying aid, etc.
These factors can have an effect on the color, taste, yield, and nutrients of the spray-dried powder. Therefore, choosing a spray drying machine with good performance is very important.

Application of spray drying in food industry — instant tea beverage

Instant tea beverage is a kind of solid beverage tea that can quickly dissolve in water. It has the following advantages: easy to carry, no residue left after being dissolved, and easy to adjust the concentration. The application of spray dryer in the production of instant tea beverages brings these benefits.Customized Spray Drying Machine

Application of spray drying in food industry — food additives

Food additives are also known as the soul of the modern food industry. However, some food additives are easily affected by factors such as light, oxygen, temperature, and moisture in the environment and the food additives themselves have bad odors, which seriously affect their application in food.

With the birth of microencapsulation technology in the 20th century, these problems were easily solved, and the key to microencapsulation technology was spray drying. Application of spray dryer in food additives includes maltodextrin concentration and shallot oil flavor.

Application of spray drying in food industry — health food

The typical application in this field are fish oil and propolis: the microencapsulation of fish oil through the spray drying process can not only effectively prevent its oxidative deterioration, but also mask the fishy smell; after the spray drying method microencapsulates the propolis extract, it remains its high activity of total flavonoids.

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