An Introduction To Hawach’s Newly-Introduced Food Freeze Dryer

As all of you can see now, Hawach has introduced four kinds of food freeze dryer that are classified according to different cold trap temperature: -40°C , -45°C , -65°C, -75°C. By now, Hawach has 10 freeze dryers on sale. And because this company has long enjoyed a good reputation on product quality and after-sale services, you can buy a freeze dryer as well as other products from them. It is a guarantee of a good customer experience.

Among the updated 4 freeze dryers, home food freeze dryer is the main character, since Hawach’s three brand-new lyophilizers all belong to this group. This a result of catering to the new market trend. People are willing to spend more time to prepare their meals. If you want to ask me in which circumstance these freeze-dried foods are used, I may tell you that they are widely used in backpacking, trip, camping, and other similar occasions. And one application that arise my attention is the lyophilizer using in pets’ food. People know the advantages of the freeze-drying process and they want to keep themselves and their families (including their fur babies) to healthy. If you are a freeze-dried food manufacturer, buy a freeze dryer from Hawach since this company has one special industrial food freeze dryer and you know that this company won’t let you down.

Okay, the main topic today is the introduction, we shall not forget. The -40°C (I just mention the temperature to make it as simple as possible) has an upgraded version -75°C. But there is a difference between the two (of course excluding the temp.) — the -40°C has one more series which can handle 8kg/batch water-capturing, though the two home food freeze dryers look similar in their appearance. The -45°C and -65°C are both highly recognizable. There is one thing that needs to mention is the -45°C has temperature control boards which are shown in the right pic.

temperature control boards of -45°C home freeze drying machine

The -65°C is for mass production with 9 series for you to choose from. And you can even customize your -65°C freeze dying machine. Considering buying a freeze dryer from Hawach now? I believe you are touched. :)

Hawach has really tried hard in the introduction of new products to their dear customers: home food freeze dryer, industrial lyophilizer, spray drying machine, to list just these appearing on this website. Hawach offers detailed information to their clients and wishes that Hawach-made products could go all over the world and to acknowledge everyone that Hawach is really a great company.

People buy a freeze dryer based on their own considerations. If you quote from Hawach, you will be warmly welcomed by their sales team and their operation team, okay, all of the company. Because you are willing to trust them and value them. This is the article today, hope you enjoy it!