Hawach Scientific Co. Ltd is a worldwide supplier for laboratory and industrial apparatus for the pharmaceutical, biological, and chemical industries. And we are also a solution provider for our customers in the fields of purification, distillation, evaporation, separation, crystallization, etc.
Back in 2003, Hawach’s story begins. We are not only a manufacturer but also an explorer dedicated to continuously developing new areas to meet our agents’ needs. At the very beginning, we only provide laboratory consumables like filter paper and membrane, and then we widened our product’s category to industrial apparatus like in-situ freeze dryer for sale, large scale spray dryer, etc. Hawach’s freeze dryer for sale has full sizes, which is a norm for the rest of our products to ensure good client experience. We can even customize your chemicals. Hawach is trying its best to try every possibility and ensures every procedure well operated. We have confidence that we are moving along the good results.
Our products catalog:
Spray dryer for sale
✼ Freeze dryer for sale
✼ Drying oven
✼ Vacuum pump
✼ Heating or cooling circulator
✼ Rotary evaporator
✼ Jacket glass reactor
✼ Short path distillation
✼ Laboratory consumables
Our services:
Custom synthesis services

The Research & Development Team of Hawach consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers who have over ten years of experience in technological innovation and product development. We are proud of our dedicated workers who have contributed themselves to the development of Hawach and make it stronger. We together have past, present and future, to meet a stronger self and a stronger home.

Over ten years’ development has built Hawach’s sales network in North America, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, East Asia, and other regions. We have excellent before- and after-sale service team who promise to answer your request within 24 hours and guarantee you of-quality and fair-priced products.

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