10 Features Of Hawach’s Lab Scale Spray Dryer

Lab scale spray dryer is usually characterized by compact design, but what can be cross your mind when talking about this laboratory machine? Let Hawach helps you.

10 features of Hawach’s lab scale spray dryer:

1)  The lab scale spray dryer of Hawach adopts a large color touch screen for easy operation, and it is a combination of automatic control and manual control.

a. Fully automatic control: All you need to do is click the switch button, and set the spray process parameters. The operation animation is displayed on the touch screen, and the operation process is clearly displayed;hawach lab scale spray dryer

b. Manual control: If you need to adjust the process parameters during the experiment, you can easily switch to the manual state, and the color touch screen will dynamically display the operation process.

2) Hawach’s lab scale spray dryer possesses the shutdown protection function. That is, when you want to shut down the machine, you just press the stop button. And the machine will stop running immediately except for the fan to ensure that the equipment will not be burned out due to misoperation (forcibly turning off the fan).

3) The spraying, drying, and collection part of this lab scale spray dryer is made of borosilicate glass materials, which is transparent and heat-resistant so that the spray drying process can be carried out in a pollution-free environment, and the entire spray drying process can be directly observed.

Direct observation provides great convenience for scientific researchers to control the experiment process and experimental results, find and solve problems in time. All glass elements are easy to disassemble and clean.

4) The lab scale spray dryer can produce powders that are normally-distributed with good fluidity. Noise during operation is very low, less than 60db。

5) The airstream small spray dryer applies atomization structure of the two-fluid spray, precisely manufactured with high-quality stainless steel materials.

6) In order to meet the user’s requirements for adjusting various parameters in the experimental range, real-time PID constant temperature control technology is adopted in our lab scale spray dryer to ensure accurate temperature control.

7) The feed volume can be adjusted by the feed peristaltic pump, and the minimum sample volume can reach 50ml.

8) After drying, the finished dry powder has a relatively uniform particle size, and more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same particle size range;

9) The lab scale spray dryer has an automatic cleaning function, which greatly enhances the recovery rate of dry samples.

10) The machine has a protection function for misoperation. When the fan and heater switches are used in the wrong order, the machine will automatically remind you to avoid such mistakes.

Above is the 10 features of Hawach’s lab scale spray dryer. The lab type is a small one, with spray-drying speed from 1.5L/H to 3L/H. Hawach also have industrial spray dryer of the centrifugal type, of which the max speed can reach 30L/H. If you are not satisfied with this speed and looking for a much larger process volume, contact our sales team to propose your parameters.
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