Spray Dryer / Freeze Dryer

Airstream Small Spray Dryer (1.5L/h-3L/h)

Syringe Filter

  • a. We use high-purity membrane imported from Germany/USA/Japan.
  • b. The housing of the micron filter syringe is made of medical grade PP material.
  • c. No impurities introduced as our micron filter syringe is produced in a 10W clean workshop using ultrasonic welding technology
  • d. Strict quality control ensured by raw material inspection, production process monitoring, and finished product inspection.
Centrifugal Spray Dryer For Sale(3L/h-150L/h)

Filter Paper

  • a. Low impurity dissolution rate;
  • b. Uniform and great quality filter paper disc and roll.
  • c. Available in CE certification and GTS third-party safety test report certification.
  • d. Complete product categories, including qualitative and quantitative.
Vacuum Spray Dryer

Membrane Filters

  • a. Low impurity dissolution rate;
  • b. Cutting and packaging in 10W clean workshop, ensuring high cleanliness, and no impurity introduction.
  • c. Various types of membrane materials and various pore sizes.
  • d. Various series to be chosen from and OEM service available.


Hawach is one of the leading freeze dryer suppliers and spray dryer suppliers. As a China-based company, we specialize in spray and freeze drying design and technology. Spray drying of materials at low temperatures is available at our company, which has solved the technical barrier of material deactivation caused by high temperature and has been applied to dairy production and plant extraction. This feature has made us stand out among spray dryer suppliers. Hawach can also customize your spray dryer machine if you find our existing products not suitable for your project. The most competitive part regarding our freeze dryer machine is the price, for example, -56°C small freeze dry machine and -80°C laboratory lyophilizer. As one of the trustworthy freeze dryer suppliers, we have lower prices but brand quality, which may not be found in other vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers.

As a professional freeze dryer and spray dryer manufacturer, Hawach has all of our products equipped with ISO9001 and CE certificates. Products include industrial, pilot scale, and small spray dryer and freeze dryer machines. Our products are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Due to the support of worldwide customers and the efforts of our staff, the brand Hawach has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and achieved excellent public praise. As one of the reliable freeze dryer suppliers and spray dryer manufacturers, Hawach has a strong technical force, precision processing equipment, and a strict management system. Hawach’s advanced business philosophy and management ideas have gathered a group of drying industry elites who have been engaged in the research and development of drying equipment for more than 10 years. Find your spray dryer and freeze dryer machine at Hawach to meet the full size and best quality!

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